What’s the Cheapest Fence to Build?

A good fence is paramount to every homeowner. In fact, the fence is the first thing most people notice when they visit your property. Fences are not just for beauty as they are used for security reasons and demarcation of properties. But with the rising cost of building materials, building a fence is not a cheap affair. The good thing is there is a variety of materials available to build a good fence.

Cheapest materials to build a fence 

When looking to save on cost, the following materials will help get the best fence you can without breaking your bank. Check this out;


When looking to build your own backyard fence, pellets offer the best solution. They are very cheap since most warehouses or companies will give them away, and all you have to do is transport them to your property. They are easy to assemble and you can use them as a whole or break them down and use them in pieces.

Why choose pallets

  • Cheap to acquire
  • Easy to assemble
  • You can DIY
  • Easy to break down or use as a whole

Chain links

Usually disregarded for their “ugliness” , chain links offer cheap fencing solutions. The initial costs are quite low and installation even lower. There’s so much you can do with a chain link and it offers top-notch security. Its versatility and BIY installation are some of the main reasons why you should go for it. Be creative with the chain link to make it appealing.

Why choose chain link

  • Chain link is quite versatile
  • Cheap to buy
  • Easy installation
  • Better security
  • You can combine it with flowers for an improved look


People in warmer climates can turn to bamboo for fences. Either the bamboo sticks or the bamboo tree itself is a good fencing material. Bamboos tend to grow fast and if planted in close proximity, they can provide the safety and security required. The trees will need an occasional manicure, but it’s nothing you cannot handle.

Why choose bamboo forest

  • Easy to plant
  • Requires little care
  • It’s cheap to buy
  • Gives your property an authentic look

Vinyl fencing

Traditionally, vinyl has had a bad reputation when it comes to fencing. But all that’s changing as modern vinyl is better looking. Vinyl fences are your go-to when you want to save big and have durable fences. They are immune to termite attacks and will need little care to look after. There are a lot of varieties and colors to choose from and it’s very lightweight, making the installation fast.

Why choose vinyl fences

  • Durable fences
  • Easy to install
  • Different styles and colors
  • It’s not attacked by termites

Barbed wire

Usually more common in farmhouses and ranches, the barbed wire will do a good fencing job. Usually, a perfect fencing solution where security is much more important than privacy. The installation cost is pretty low which makes it perfect for a large property. 

Why choose barbed wire

  • Cheap to install
  • Perfect for security reasons
  • Economical for large properties
  • Little to no maintenance

Recycled materials

Here is a fun fact, rather than throwing your plastics away, you can easily use the materials to make a fence. You will not only get an authentic wall but also save the environment. The materials are free and it will only take a fraction of your time. You can get creative and make artwork with the materials. 

Why choose recycled materials;

  • The materials are free
  •  You’ll be doing the environment a great favor
  • It will give your wall an authentic look
  • Let your creativity manifest in the wall

Hedge fences

Use a hedge fence to give your fence a green feel. Usually known as a living fence, this type of fence involved planting a living fence. Based on your climate, you can choose plants that will do well in the area. A living fence can be creatively shaped to give it an appealing look. Other than that, you may need to constantly trim the hedge fence but this is nothing compared to what other fences require.

Why choose hedge fences

  • Easy to plant
  • Very flexible with the looks and shapes
  • Gives your property a “green” feel
  • Perfect for privacy 

Split rails

Commonly seen in ranches, split rails have a sophisticated but simple feel. They are perfect for the demarcation of property as well as keeping large animals out. The cost of installing this wooden fence is pretty low and there is nothing much needed as you move forward. Treat them with anti-termites pesticides and the fence will serve you for a long time.

Why choose split rails

  • They are easy to install and maintain
  • The cost of installation is very low
  • Gives your property a ranch look
  • Keeps out animals

Wattle fence

Travel back in time with the wattle fence which relies a hundred percent on wood. A wattle fence is done by interjoining the wood without the use of any other tools. The fence relies on tension which holds up everything. Contrary to what they look like, the wattle fences are strong and if you keep the termites out, will last for a long time. You only need wood intertwining skills to keep the fence in place.

Why choose a wattle fence

  • Quite a unique fence
  • Only requires wood
  • Minimal to no maintenance is required
  • Keep unwanted animals out of your yard.