Architects Renewed Love For Antique

When it comes to designing a home it’s important to give interior design the focus and attention that it deserves.  While it’s true that architecture and the construction of a property should be the primary focus, if you ignore interior design, you are ignoring a huge avenue that can let you personalize your home to make it as unique as you are.  Interior design should be even more of a focal point when you have an existing home and are looking for ways to liven it up, or change the mood and feel that it has.  Interior design can have a huge amount of influence on how a home is perceived.  When done properly, interior design can create a warm and welcoming environment that reflects the personality of the homeowner.  When done improperly it can be just as impactful, but in a negative way.

Be Unique

Conformity is boring.  Sure, when your home looks like everyone else’s home, you’ll fit in, but is that really what you want? Do you want to sacrifice showcasing your personality so that your home fits in better? Or do you want to embrace what is unique about yourself.  Whether you are a homeowner thinking about redoing your home, or you are a professional about to make a pitch to a client, embracing uniqueness is the way to go.

Interior design becomes even more important when dealing with modern homes.  Most modern homes today are built in communities where all of the homes have similar design elements and colors.  It’s very difficult to express your personality in a home like this for anyone that sees it from the outside.  That’s why having a uniquely designed interior needs to be a priority for you.

Antique Design Elements Add Class and Sophistication to A Home

When working on the interior design of a home you have two options, go for what is normal and common, or embrace uniqueness and aim for something amazing.  Sure, you could opt for a home that is perfectly average and looks like most other homes in the area, but where is the fun in that? Instead, a home’s interior design should reflect the personality of the homeowner.

One way that you can help a home to stand out from the crowd is to use antique furniture and accessories such as clocks, says Dutch Time Pieces.  Antiques are unique, they are often one-of-a-kind items that are hard to find.  Antiques show anyone visiting your home that you care about what it looks like, and that you’ve spent time looking for pieces that fit your vision of what your home should look like.

When someone visits your home the appearance of your home reflects upon you.  A home that has well thought out décor featuring beautiful antique clocks, furniture, and other accessories is a home that reflects well upon a homeowner.  It shows your guests that you care about the place you live, that it matters to you what types of things you surround yourself with.  It shows that you are different, that you care about the past, and that quality matters.  Can the style of your home really say all of that about you? Definitely, and it goes the other way as well.  A poorly decorated home will reflect on you negatively, so keep that in mind when you are deciding whether or not hiring an interior designer is worth it.

Antiques Hold Their Value Well

While the cost of antiques might be off putting to some people when decorating their homes, it’s important to remember that antiques usually hold their value well.  Now, if you abuse antiques they will lose value.  There are also times when circumstances out of your control can cause the price of antiques to drop.  But, for the most part, antiques usually have a stable price that increases over time.  What makes an antique valuable is its uniqueness.  For example, if you buy a hundred year old table for your kitchen, and it costs a certain amount of money, odds favor it increasing in value over time since you can’t go out and buy another of this specific table since they are no longer made.

Why Are Architects and Interior Designers Falling in Love with Antiques again?

Interior designers and architects have long had a love affair with antiques, such as antique clocks, antique barometers or furniture and that love has only grown stronger in recent years.  To understand the appeal of antiques you have to understand what an interior designer does.  An interior designer is not simply a professional that makes a home look nice.  A good interior designer that takes pride in their work will do several things when putting together a design plan for a home.  First, they will take into account the personality of the homeowner and what they want out of their home.  Second, they will try to create a look and style for a home that will be timeless, meaning that it will continue to be appealing for many years to come.  Third, they will try to put a unique stamp on a home making it stand out from the crowd in a good way.

This should tell you everything you need to know about why architects and interior designers find antiques so appealing.  If you want to create a timeless look, then using antiques makes a lot of sense.  If you buy a modern couch or chair, how long before that modern look is out of date? That’s the problem with modern furniture and accessories, they may look great today, but that look will soon fade, then the homeowner will be forced to remodel again.  With antique furniture, clocks, and accessories, they aren’t old, they are vintage, so they will never go out of style.

What about creating something unique? Or something that incorporates the personality of a homeowner? Again, antiques are a great option here.  Antique furniture, clocks, and other home accessories come in all styles and from many time periods.  While not every antique will fit every personality and in every home, there is certain to be something that will work for anyone and any home décor style.