What Does an AC Tune-Up Include?

An AC tune-up is a service that can help prolong the life of your air conditioner and ensure it maintains optimal efficiency and performance. If you’ve noticed that it’s been running more than usual, or if you’re experiencing other problems such as lower efficiency and increased noise levels, then this may be just what you need.

A surprising number of people don’t realize the importance of getting an AC tune-up. Here is what an expert AC tune-up should include. 

Checking and Installing a New Air Filter

One of the key components of an AC tune-up is checking and replacing the air filter. The air filter should be changed regularly to ensure that it hasn’t become too full of dirt, dust or debris. This can reduce airflow by as much as 20%, which means the system has to work harder than it needs to in order for you to stay comfortable. 

If the air filter is dirty, it can also clog up and impact the operational efficiency of your AC unit. A new air filter will be installed, if necessary, to ensure optimal airflow and performance. Jennings provides Canton OH heating, cooling, electrician services and recommends you change your air filter every three months, or as needed.

Validating Installation Quality

An AC tune-up also includes a thorough inspection to validate that the installation was properly completed. The technician will verify that all components were installed and configured correctly and look for any damage or corrosion caused by exposure to extreme temperatures. AC systems can be damaged by flooding, poor ventilation or fluctuating temperatures. 

Air conditioning maintenance is a great way to protect your investment in your cooling equipment and keep it running at peak efficiency for years of service without major repairs or replacement. The technician also inspects all of the components inside the unit and replaces any belts, filters, seals or gaskets showing signs of wear. 

Ensuring Correct System Operation

Don’t assume your AC is working correctly because your home feels cool. If there are any humidity problems, the indoor coil may be dirty and may not be allowing proper airflow through it. This means that some areas of your house will get cooled better than others. Have a professional AC tune-up to check for potential operational problems. 

A technician will identify any problems with the equipment, clean it if necessary, add refrigerant as needed and make sure that everything is operating correctly. Ignoring any issues that need to be fixed can lead to more expensive repairs in the long run. You can avoid this by ensuring your AC is in good working order. 

Evaluating Start-Up and Heating/Cooling Cycles

A professional can evaluate your start-up and heating/cooling cycles to determine the best time for a tune-up. This is important because of how an AC works. When you turn it on, refrigerant gas absorbs heat from inside the home, which cools it down in preparation for when your house reaches its desired temperature. 

If your unit is not running at peak performance, it won’t be able to effectively do this. The same goes for start-ups during extremely cold weather, and heating cycles in warm months. If your AC unit hasn’t been serviced and cleaned yet this year, have it tuned up to avoid common air conditioner problems

Calibrating the Thermostat

Most AC systems have a thermostat that controls the temperature and airflow. The thermostat needs to be calibrated so it can control those factors accurately. Otherwise, your system may run too cold or too hot and you will not experience optimal comfort levels, no matter what settings you choose on your thermostat.

An AC tune-up helps to ensure that your furnace is running at peak efficiency, which will lead to more savings on energy bills. It also helps you avoid costly issues with the HVAC system in the future. An AC tune-up is a great idea if you want to keep your system working and save money on avoidable repair bills in the long run.

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