What can you keep in the chest of drawer in the living room?

Chest of drawer in the living room can be a life-changing furniture. You can keep absolutely anything in there. It all depends on your needs, and only your needs. You can sort your stuff well and make your life a lot easier thanks to that. But, how do you actually organize the cabinet in the living room well? We will show you some examples that could help you keep the order and we will also tell you what you can actually keep inside the chest of drawers.


If you do not have enough space in your wardrobe, it is not a bad idea to arrange some of the space in the chest of drawer for your clothes. It is a good idea to keep some of the baby’s clothes there, too. Especially if the sideboard in the living room is bigger and you tend to spend much more time there. Thanks to that, you will have everything in the reach of your hands and you will not have to go to your baby’s room or your bedroom for some of the clothes. Keeping the drawers organized with drawer organizers will prevent you from having your things all over your place. When it comes to baby’s bodysuits, trousers, blouses and so on, you should remember that it is the best to lay them down vertically in your drawer. You will see right away what you have and you will save yourself some time.

Tablecloths and linen

With tablecloths and linen the case is a little different than it was with clothes. Keeping it in the sideboard is a good idea, when you have some space for it. You can keep tablecloths in one drawer, if you have that many of them, and the linen in the second one. How you sort them is up to you, but the best ways to do so is to sort them with sizes. You can also sort them by colours. There are many ways to do it, and you will surely find the one that you like the most.


Probably one of the most popular reasons why documents are kept in the chest of drawer is because it is easy to sort the stuff in there and there is a lot of space that you can use, too. Organizers for drawers are your best friend when it comes to sorting the documents. How you sort is your decision, but you can sort them by the priority hierarchy. What you find the most important and what less is an individual perception.

 Kids’s toys

If you own children and they like to spend time in the living room and play in it, there will usually be lots of toys on the floor and all over your house. When the kid is not playing, you can put the toys in the chest of drawers and thanks to that, you will be able to keep the order in the living room. Amd. When the kid wants to play with those toys again, you can just take them out and let the child spend the time with it.

What you want and need to keep in the sideboard in the living room is all up to you. It depends on your needs, space and individual reasons. If you feel like you are not so sure how to organize the cabinet well, it is always good to find out more about it, so that you can use the space you have in the best way possible.