Ways to Cut the Bills During the Wintertime

Wintertime doubles up with long holidays and a higher celebration mood. There is a need to heat the house or office and to keep the family and visitors in a comfortable environment inside the house. Your wintertime electricity bill could be double the bills you get in other seasons, considerably affecting your budget.

Everyone looks for innovative ways to spend less on electricity bills during the winters. You can keep the heating system off when no one is in the house and set it to switch on about half an hour before you arrive home. Besides this simple idea, several other tips help you cut electricity bills in winter. 

Install a smart heating system

The heating system is crucial during winter. It helps keep the house warm and keep you from freezing. Despite its importance, it is one of the gadgets that consume the most energy. You can help control the bills by installing a smart heating system in your house. 

The electric towel rails in UK from Best Electric Radiators, Haverland, Climastar or Dimplex are smart electric towel rails that come fitted with a timer. You only need to set the timer to switch on or off at certain times of the day to help you lower your electricity bills. 

You can use the same concept for your house heating system. Set the system to switch on or off at a certain time of the day or let it have a timed switch to switch on about an hour or less before you arrive home. 

Lower the heat when you go to sleep

The purpose of the thermostat is to keep your house warm and keep its occupants warm too. However, you will not require all the heating when you go to sleep. You are already covered in heavy, warm blankets to keep you warm throughout the night. You can save considerably by lowering the temperature to about 10 to 15 degrees at night. You may cut your energy costs by about 10% every month. 

Restrict heating to important rooms only

The heating system is set to supply heat in your entire house. This includes the rooms or areas that are rarely used. You can take a week or more before you enter some of the rooms. For example, the guest room is rarely used by anyone unless a guest comes visiting. 

The basement can stay for months without anyone ever setting their foot there. The garage is probably used twice a day and mostly on weekdays. Instead of heating the entire house, focus only on the rooms that are actually used. Heat the living room, the often-used bedroom, kitchen, etc. For the rest of the rooms, close their vents and seal the doors to save heat and energy. 

Keep the thermo system clean

The thermo system sucks up cold air from outside, heats it, and blows it in your house to keep it warm. Warm air rises to allow more freshly heated air to come in. During that process, the system sucks in dust and moisture. Over time, the moisture collects in the fan, outlets, and heat pipes where it traps the heat pipes. 

After some time, the heat pipes, fans, and vents become clogged and overworks the system. Because the air inlets and outlets become tinier, the thermostat uses more energy to run and increases your bills. Before winter sets in, make sure to call an electrical expert to help you clean the thermal system. A cleaned-up system will run smoothly. It will be efficient and save on electricity consumption. 

Use energy-saving appliances

Kitchen appliances tend to be used more during winter. With family and visitors at home, the kitchen becomes the hotspot. The refrigerator keeps running to keep your food fresh, the dishwasher is used more and the laundry machine also takes on the extra load. 

These appliances consume a lot of energy, making your bills rise unexpectedly high. There are energy-saving appliances that come with energy star certification. Replace your appliances with energy-efficient ones to save more on bills. It is not just appliances that can help you save energy. If you are still using the old types of lighting, change it and buy the modern energy-efficient bulbs, you could save a lot in terms of energy consumption in your house. 

Humna Chaudhary
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