Tips To Clear Blocked Drains Effectively

There can be many reasons to call a plumber, but blocked drains remain one of the most common reasons. A blocked drain can be very repelling for various reasons such as the foul smell, slow drainage, overflowing drain water, and more. This can be a big nuisance for any homeowner, so it is better to try and clear out the drain by ourselves or by hiring an efficient blocked drain plumber like The Local Plumber in Melbourne as soon as possible.

Signs of a Blocked Drain –

Do you know how to ensure whether your drainage has been clogged? Have you ever encountered a situation where you cannot figure out what exactly the signs of having a blocked drain are? Below mentioned are the major signs that ensure you need to call your plumber at the earliest. 

  1. Bad smell –

You might have usually faced a bad smell that blew your mind around your drainage. These nasty smells are the sign that your drainage might need to be worked upon by a plumber. This sewage-like foul smell might confuse you with not flushing the toilet after use. 

  1. Steady draining –

At the stance of evacuating water from the sink or doing some other activity and waiting to flow down the water through the drain, you might have seen slow draining water. It can be due to trash getting trapped in the way of your drainage resulting in blockage. 

  1. Overflowing –

You might have sometimes seen that your drainage is overflowing. It is because you might have let the scrap flow down your drain. That resulted in water spilling back up.

  1. Bubbling sounds –

Ever heard gurgling sounds near your bathroom or main drainage pipeline? The continuous pushing and pulling of water against the pipe results in clogging of the sewage line. 

What Causes Blockage in Drains?

Now the question is, what might be the reasons for clogging your drainage? There might be innumerable reasons which result in an unpleasant experience for you. Let us hop on to the reasons that lead to drainage choking. 

  1. Debris in any form –

Debris in any form leads to unwanted materials to block the flow of water, whether natural debris in the forms of twigs, leaves, dirt, etc., or solid waste material. 

  1. Bunch of hair –

Having long hair is a boon until you find them trapped in the drainage, causing a severe blockage. When you take a bath or wash it, it tends to drop off and stick with other substances resulting in clogging. 

  1. Toiletries –

Not properly disposing of the toiletries and throwing the trash into the toilet duct enhances the chances of stoppage inflow of water. The outcome is clogged drainage. Hence, the toiletries such as baby nappies, sanitary products, etc., shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet.

  1. External objects –

There is a possibility that the foreign objects get stuck in your duct. Kids at your home might flush down the toys or something in the toilet giving all the chances of getting a blocked drain. 

  1. Roots of trees & scrap food objects –

Sometimes tree roots, plants, and other natural things increase the chances of disruption in the whole sewage line. Roots of big trees grow and might break the pipes causing a blockage. 

Also, letting the food flow down your pipeline expands the chances of it getting stuck at various pipeline levels, disrupting the water flow. 

Even though most of us use our drains aptly, we can make unintentional mistakes that can lead to the blockage of the drain. For example, it is often seen that foreign objects or food scraps get stuck into the drainage system, causing an unpleasant nuisance for the homeowners. Therefore, before reaching out to any blocked drains plumber in Melbourne, always make sure to try out these strategies to clear out a blocked drain.

  1. Pouring Boiling Water Down The Drain

This is one of the most effective ways to do away with a blockage in the drain. There are many toiletries such as conditioner or grease of some sort that can cause a blockage in the drain. Pouring down boiling water can melt these substances and break them up into smaller components that can easily pass through the drainage system. Therefore, boil a kettle of water and pour it down the drain to get rid of the blockage.

  1. Caustic Cleaner 

There are different types of caustic cleaners available in the market that can remove the blockage from the drainage system. These caustic cleaners can dissolve different blockage-causing materials such as food, grease, hair, and more. However, one must use these substances sparsely because acidic cleaners can be very harmful to the environment. Furthermore, one must make sure to wear gloves and cover the face when using such substances to clean the drain.

  1. Hydro-Jets 

Hydro-Jets can be used to get rid of the blockage as these things can push water with powerful force resulting in pushing the blockage through the drainage system. This technique is also very safe and effective compared to other techniques, but they are not very effective when removing solid blockages from the drain. Even though one can hydro-jet the drain themselves, gaining control over this powerful force can be challenging. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional blocked drain plumber in Melbourne because they are well equipped and experienced to do the job at hand.

  1. Plunger 

Plungers are great for clearing out blockages from drains, just as they work great for clogged toilets. However, one must be sure to cover any overflow spouts before getting started with plunging, as this will help get a strong seal. The to and fro pressure created by the plunger can be great for loosening the blockage so the water can flow smoothly through the drainage system.


Blocked drains can be caused for different reasons, and if left uncleared, then it can cause damage to the entire drainage system. Therefore, homeowners must keep track of different signs that can indicate drainage in the system and reach out to blocked drain plumber in Melbourne for real-time solutions.

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