The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Greenhouses

If you want to have a garden that can last year-round, you are going to want to consider putting a greenhouse into your backyard. They are a great way to keep your plants alive and healthy even during the winter months. That being said, there are a few things that you are going to have to consider and follow if you want everything to work out. The smallest mistakes when building a greenhouse can prove catastrophic for some of your plants. Here are some tips for a beginner when they are creating and maintaining their greenhouse.

Get the Right Greenhouse Kit

Unless you are planning on making the greenhouse yourself completely from scratch, you are probably going to be buying a prebuilt model and putting it up. The type of model that you buy will depend greatly on where you are in the country. As per a blog post at, if you are in a northern area of the country that gets snow, you have to ensure that the greenhouse can withstand the load of snow weighing down on it. There are some greenhouses that are rated for up to 15lbs of snow, while others cannot have any snow on them whatsoever. If you plan on having your greenhouse survive, you have to plan accordingly.

Snow is one of many things you must worry about when purchasing a product. Next, you will have to look at the wind ratings. If you are in a windy area, you will want a greenhouse that you know can withstand some days when the wind blows. The final thing to look at is a foundation. Some greenhouses for sale need to be placed on a foundation, while others do not. Make sure that you are always planning accordingly when choosing a greenhouse so it can fit your weather and your environment.


The next thing you are going to want to do is a plan where you are going to place your greenhouse. You might not know this but it is important that you place your greenhouse with the front and back of it facing north and south. Why does this matter? By placing the greenhouse in this direction, you maximize the amount of sunlight your plants are going to get. Any other placement can result in part of the structure blocking some of the light. While placing it in another manner might not kill plants, it will stunt their growth and have them not growing as optimally as they would be otherwise.


Once you get your greenhouse up and running, you are going to want to make sure you have a thermometer in there at all times. The greenhouse has to be kept at a certain temperature in order for the plants to survive and if things start dropping you are going to be in trouble. If the temperature is much colder in your greenhouse than it normally is, take a look at the insulation and structural integrity. 

Most times it is because something on the structure is beginning to fail. Spotting this early and fixing it will help to prevent any long-term damage to the greenhouse. If you don’t know what temperature your greenhouse is, you are not going to allow your plants to thrive.

Set Your Space Up


Finally, you are going to want to sit down and determine how much space each of your plants needs if they want to survive and thrive. Do some research on the plants you are going to be getting and find out the size of their roots and the recommended pots for them. By doing this, you can put your greenhouse in the best possible position to succeed.

Another thing to worry about is overcrowding the greenhouse with plants and creating a lot of clutter. Not only can this be harmful to the plants, but it will also create a workspace that is not conducive to efficiency. You might be tempted to stuff your greenhouse with as many things as possible but this will only lead to problems down the road.

These are just a few tips a beginner should follow if they are planning to set up a greenhouse. Once the plants are growing, ensure that you are giving them the water that they need to survive. Taking care of plants will require daily work so don’t neglect them. For an added tip, look to theme your greenhouse or create contrasts with the plants you are getting. What are you planning to grow in your greenhouse?

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