The Complete Guide to Replacing a Driveway for Homeowners

Replacing a driveway is backbreaking work and should be left up to the professionals. When you notice your driveway has holes, cracks, or ridges in it, it’s time for you to call in someone to replace it, since tree roots have probably gotten underneath the driveway causing it to break apart.

If you only need a moderate repaving or sealing job for your driveway, then you can do it on your own. Read on to find out more about both these regular driveway maintenance projects.

Different Driveway Materials to Choose From

You can choose from four different driveway materials to replace your driveway. Your choice will depend on a wide variety of factors, including your design preference, affordability, and durability. Let’s go into more detail below. 


This is probably the most common driveway material out there, and it’s not because of any other reason besides the fact that it’s cheap. If you live in a cold climate, you should go with asphalt.

The problem with asphalt is that even though you save on the upfront costs, you will end up paying for it later, as you have to do quite a bit of maintenance on your asphalt driveway. Probably every 2 years or so, you will have to repave it, so that’s something to consider.


This isn’t the first driveway material that folks think of when doing their driveway, but it has a lot of advantages that you should be aware of. Firstly, with proper maintenance, a gravel driveway can last for decades. Yes, that’s right, decades!

It’s also quite affordable. Not as much as asphalt, but affordable enough. So if you don’t live in a cold climate, you should consider getting a gravel driveway next time around.


Again, concrete is another affordable option for you to consider, but it’s not very aesthetically pleasing. If you do the right upkeep on your concrete driveway, it could also last a long time.

But you need to stay on top of any cracks or joints that appear. You will want to use a concrete driveway sealer to regularly top it off. Also, clean your concrete driveway at least monthly so it doesn’t start looking grimy or laced with stains.


If you live in a part of the country where it’s sandier, then you should consider using paver for your driveway rather than concrete or asphalt. It sits on an underlying surface, which might wash off over time, so you will notice that your pavers might begin to sink. 

But that’s nothing to worry about. You can get the areas that are sinking replaced or fixed, and it’s a cheap job to undertake. 

Pavers are the most decorative of driveway materials you could use, so if you are going for a more aesthetically pleasing driveway to go along with the ambiance of your luxury home, then choose paver. 

Driveway Design Features To Consider

Don’t just think about the driveway materials when redoing your driveway. Also, consider your driveway design. 

When you hire a driveway contractor, they might be able to give you certain suggestions on how best to lay out your driveway. It could be something simple and straight down the path. 

Or if you have the space for it, you could do something that spirals or curves in front of your home. 

Think also about how many cars you want to fit into your driveway. If you have teenagers in the house or you get a lot of guests, then you will want a bigger driveway to park and store all those cars. 

If you have a garage, then you will want to consider where its doors are located when getting the driveways replaced as well. 

Choose the Right Contractor

Hopefully, you have chosen a trusted contractor who will use high-quality materials to replace your driveway. It’s no fun to get your driveway replaced and then have to do it over again in a few months because the materials were not up to par or the work done was shoddy. 

Always get referrals from people around you, like friends and family, and never choose one that seems to have a lot of negative reviews about them on Yelp or Google. If many previous customers took the time to write negative reviews on a website, it must mean that their experience was particularly horrendous. 

Also, make sure to ask your driveway contractor about warranties and guarantees. You should be getting at least a one-year or 6-month warranty on the work done. That should give you at least some peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about your driveway for another year or so. 

Resealing Your Driveway – When To Do This?

If you don’t notice much cracking or joints on your driveway, then you don’t need to do much besides resealing it every 2 years. This is basic maintenance for your driveway that should extend its longevity. 

Also, clean up any debris, leaves, or anything else from your driveway as it appears, so it doesn’t damage your driveway. Repair potholes or any cracks asap as well.

Replacing a Driveway Requires Some Forethought on Your Part

Don’t just go replacing a driveway without putting some time and research into it. Speak to your contractor to get their feedback and advice as they can be an invaluable source of information. 

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