Standard Door Sizes of The Most Popular Doors

The process of buying a door includes many different aspects. Before purchasing a door, people must make up their minds about things like door design, door type, and functionality type. After figuring out all the things, the second to last step of door buying is familiar with standard sizes of manufactured doors. There are unlimited possibilities of dimension variation, but unfortunately, manufacturers cannot mass produce them all. Door manufacturing companies hold extensive studies to find out which doors and dimensions are in demand, after which they move towards the creation and production phase.


Exterior doors are an essential door type as any home would be incomplete without them. This door type is always in demand, and because of that, they can be found easily in the market in different sizes. This door type’s most common size is eighty inches by thirty-six inches, which translates to six foot eight inches by three-foot. Some popular exterior door types are stock, fiberglass, and steel doors. Another measurement in which these doors are commonly found is seven- or eight-foot height and twenty-four to forty-two inches width. The thickness of these doors is one- and three-quarters inches. All the different types of exterior doors can be found on online sites such as ESWDA easily.


Dimension selection of interior doors is a tough job because a house can become increasingly cluttered if not done correctly. Experts always advise having interior doors that are at least eighty inches tall. Usually, the interior doors’ width is twenty-four-inch, twenty-eight-inch, thirty-inch, thirty-two-inch, and thirty-six-inch. For people with disabilities, interior doors having greater width should be used.

Utility Type

Another door type that is frequently found in houses is utility doors. These doors always have less width than the other doors of the home. In previous times the width of these doors used to be less than eighteen inches, so anyone living in old houses should make sure to buy these doors according to the right size. Nowadays, the width and height of these doors have become thirty-inches and ninety-six-inches, respectively.

Sliding Type With Glass.

Nowadays, people prefer to install glass doors in their houses because of the great functionality they provide. Glass doors let sunlight enter homes uninterrupted, due to which people like them. In addition to glass, the doors have a sliding mechanism as well, which further enhances their functionality. These doors are most found in the patio section. The standard dimension in which manufacturers produce them is six-foot-eight inches in height and six feet in width. There are some other variations, such as five-foot by eight-foot options available in the market as well.

After becoming aware of the standard sizes of different door types, the next step is to measure the door correctly. For taking accurate measurements, people can follow the below points.

How to Take a Door’s Measurement

Measuring a door’s dimensions can be a tough chore if one does not know how to do it properly. First, the door should be measured from bottom to top, and then people should move towards measuring from right to left. A thing that most people often forget about while taking measurements for a door is checking its thickness. The most common size of doors’ thickness is one- and three-quarter inch. After taking the measurements of these things, people should then start assessing the width of the doorpost. People must measure the door’s frame’s height and width as it is vital in finding a door that fits ideally. Experts advise to always add two inches in both door width and height at the end of the measurement process. If the find readings state that the measurement of a door is 38 x 82-inch, then according to the advice, it should be converted to 40 x 84-inch for finding the best fitting door.