Should You Duplicate Your Keys?

Keys are an essential part of our lives, and we rely on them to secure our homes, cars, and valuables. Inevitably, there comes a time when we need to duplicate our keys. But is it really necessary? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of key duplication and help you decide if it’s the right decision for you.

The Pros of Key Duplication

Convenience: One of the most significant advantages of key duplication is convenience. You can have an extra set of keys for your house or car, which can come in handy if you accidentally lose your keys or lock yourself out. Duplicate keys also come in handy when you have guests or family members visiting and need to give them access to your home or vehicle.

Cost-Effective: Another benefit of a key cutting service is that it is cost-effective. It’s cheaper to make a duplicate key than to replace the entire lock system. Moreover, some locksmiths offer discounts for multiple key duplicates, which can save you money in the long run.

Enhanced Security: Key duplication can also enhance your security. By duplicating your keys, you can have a spare set in a secure location, such as a safe, that only you can access. This way, if someone gains unauthorized access to your keys, you can easily change the locks without having to worry about the cost of replacing the entire lock system.

The Cons of Key Duplication

Risk of Misuse: One of the biggest risks of key duplication is the potential for misuse. If someone gains access to your keys, they can enter your home or vehicle without your permission. If your keys fall into the wrong hands, you could be at risk of theft, burglary, or even worse, a personal attack.

Illegal Duplication: Another potential downside of key duplication is illegal duplication. In some states, it is illegal to duplicate certain types of keys, such as high-security keys, without proper authorization. If you duplicate a key illegally, you could be subject to fines, legal action, or even imprisonment.

Lack of Control: Finally, key duplication can lead to a lack of control over who has access to your home or vehicle. Even if you trust the person you give your duplicate key to, they may misplace it or forget to return it. If someone has access to your keys, they can enter your home or vehicle at any time without your permission.

Tips for Safe Key Duplication

If you decide to duplicate your keys, there are several things you can do to ensure their safety:

Choose a Reputable Locksmith: Make sure to choose a reputable locksmith who has the proper tools and expertise to duplicate your keys. Don’t use a shady locksmith who may duplicate your keys illegally.

Use a Secure Location: Store your duplicate keys in a secure location, such as a safe or a lockbox. Only give the keys to trusted individuals.

Limit Key Duplication: If you’re worried about key duplication, you can limit the number of duplicates you make. For example, you can have only one spare key for your house and car.


Key duplication can be a convenient and cost-effective way to enhance your security and provide access to your home or vehicle. However, it also comes with potential risks, such as the risk of misuse or illegal duplication. Ultimately, the decision to duplicate your keys should be based on your individual circumstances and needs. If you decide to duplicate your keys, make sure to follow the tips for safe key duplication to ensure their safety.