4 Amazing Outdoor Kitchens Ideas And Designs For This Summer

Outdoor Cooking Can Provide A Galore Of Fun During Summers

Every person has beautiful memories of BBQ in the backyard with family and friends during their childhood. You can recreate those memories again by setting up an outdoor kitchen on your property. It can provide instant fun even to the most boring sunny afternoons. You don’t need a huge space for this kind of setting. Even a small space is sufficient to create an open-air kitchen that can change the daily routine chores of cooking into an opportunity to provide a beautiful chance to enjoy the bright blue sky or a starry night.  

Below are four ideas that you can use to change your cooking and dining experience with an outdoor kitchen this summer. 

Start with Landscaping

For a beautiful outdoor experience within the boundaries of your house, even if the space is small, it is important to set the right tone. Adding more greenery, flowers and other elements to your yard will immediately improve the whole atmosphere. If planning the layout is not your thing then Landscaping Colorado Springs can help you with the same. The idea is to make use of the whole space you have without overcrowding it. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have beautiful elements like trees or water ponds in your yard. Space can be measured and then the size of these elements can be determined to be able to give the whole yard a smooth appearance. If you enjoy cooking outdoors, then wait till you experience the same in your outdoor kitchen while you are surrounded by beautiful nature backed by birds chirping. 

Add Comfortable Furniture


Just like how you add comfortable and cozy furniture inside your home, you can do the same for your outdoors. Look for cozy dining or coffee tables, bean bags, hammocks, benches that will make the outdoor kitchen even more welcoming. You will easily be able to invite your guests for lunch or dinner and accommodate them on the outdoor furniture. This will provide a relaxing atmosphere for everyone present as they wait for the food to be ready and socialize with each other. You can also add a covered area to the outdoor space so you and your guests can still enjoy the kitchen facilities if it is raining. Make the outdoor space as comfortable as possible with lots of tables, chairs, and sofas. You can add further electrical equipment like an outdoor fridge, TV and so on to be able to make more use of the area. 

Make It Usable At Night Too

While there are of course a lot of pleasures to using an outdoor kitchen during the day, don’t overlook the use of it during the night. Outdoor cookouts can sometimes extend to the wee hours of the night so don’t leave your guests standing in the dark. Cooking with a flashlight is not an easy task either. You can add a multipurpose ceiling fan and light to the outdoor kitchen so you can cook in a brightly lit place no matter what time of the day it is. You can add fairy lights near the dining area to make it visually more appealing at night. A fireplace pit too can be a great addition for nighttime get-togethers. A well-lit pathway will be helpful to guide your guest in case they want to go indoors. It will improve the curb appeal of your property as well. 

Kitchen Storage and Fittings

The space you need in an indoor kitchen is the same as is needed for an outdoor one. You will need shelves and cupboards to store all your kitchen equipment. Piling them on one table will make the kitchen appear shabby. While you are designing the layout of your outdoor kitchen, keep in mind to keep plenty of space for cabinet and storage solutions. As the outdoor kitchen is more exposed to weather conditions, the materials used to make storage should be weatherproof. Key fitting like sinks, taps, and so on should all be made with materials that can withstand year-round exposure. 

Above are some of the easiest tips you can use to make your outdoor kitchen dream come true. While you make use of these ideas, keep in mind that there will also be regular maintenance needed. As the outdoor kitchen and all the other elements will be exposed to different weather conditions, prepare for protective covering for all so that your investment stays safe. With the right protective layering, you can even use the outdoor kitchen all year long.

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