Modern Retirement: Aging in Place


Aging in place refers to a senior citizen, or other person with a disability, living independently in their own home for as long as possible. As someone enters into their elderly years, or has a disability that progresses over time, they lose the ability to get around and maneuver as well as they used to. By taking into consideration several aspects of the home that can improve accessibility and safety, you remove or postpone the need to relocate as your safety needs change.

Every day roughly 10,000 people reach the age of 65, equating to nearly 4 million baby boomers entering into retirement each year. The majority of baby boomers have very different expectations than their parents when it comes to their retirement lifestyle. 90% of retirees would prefer to age in place, however, 80% have not properly prepared their homes to be able to function safely as their needs change.

Aging in place means continuing to live your life amongst the family and friends you’ve known, with the lifestyle you’ve enjoyed for years, without the loss of freedom or quality of life issues found in many retirement homes.

What Is an Aging-in-Place Home Safety Inspection?

We perform home and property condition, safety, and security audit inspections with reporting to the homeowners or family. Includes a 90+ point inspection covering specific items that pertain to the elderly with an emphasis on their safety.

How a home inspector can aid the elderly

The overall goal of a senior home safety inspection is to enhance the accessibility and maneuverability of a home, as well as overall safety for elderly residents. A qualified home inspector will look over a house top to bottom and recommend various adaptations and corrections. This could involve modifying kitchen appliance height, installing a walk-in-tub, converting steps into ramps, adjusting floor surfaces, and more. By identifying hazards and taking a few simple corrective measures, it’s possible to prevent injuries, improve quality of life, and vastly extend the number of years a senior citizen may remain independent in his or her home.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to a home inspection is locating and eliminating hazards for tripping and falling. FallS are one of the leading causes of fatal injuries for senior citizens. Non-fatal falls are also one of the most common causes of hospital admissions. Injuries obtained from falls can result in lengthy recoveries and often result in decreased mobility and independence. Given that one out of four Americans ages 65 and up will experience a fall every year, a home inspector is crucial for identifying and removing any falling and tripping hazards. Keep eye on Falls prevention, so that everyone save itself. 

The aging-in-place inspection evaluates the home for safety and comfort, taking into account the new difficulties you may encounter over the next 5, 10, 20 years or more. The objective of an aging-in-place home inspection is to recommend modifications that make the goal of independent living a reality. As an example, we will be looking out for issues such as:

  • If the home has multiple levels, could you live on only the first floor?
  • Are the doors and hallways wide enough to accommodate a motorized scooter?
  • Is there enough room outside the house to install an access ramp?
  • Is there a bathroom on the first floor that can accommodate a wheelchair or walker?
  • Are there anti-scald controls for the faucets?
  • Is there non-slip flooring in appropriate areas?
  • Are there exterior sensor-triggered lights in appropriate areas?
  • Is the landscaping low-maintenance?
  • And much, much more.

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