Identifying What Type of AC Repair or Service Your Unit Needs Service an air conditioner
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Summers are getting more intense as time passes, making air conditioners a crucial part of our lives. Whether you’re sitting at home or working in your office, you need an air conditioner that keeps you cool and cozy under the hot Australian sun. 

However, even with an AC installed, sometimes you may experience that your room’s temperature isn’t dropping. When that happens, you may need someone to service your air conditioner for you. You may take a look at it yourself, but with so many components to consider, how do you know which part is faulty?

We all know you need to get your air filters cleaned, but that’s not all. When servicing an Air Condationer, you need to make sure you check the ins and out of your unit thoroughly. By identifying the problem before calling a technician to help you out, you will know whether or not you can trust the person walking in before they even start working. 

To get a better idea of the ins and outs of servicing an air conditioner, here is a quick overview of things that may go wrong and the different types of AC service that units often need. 

Different Types of AC Services & Repairs

Compressor Service & Repair

The compressors in your AC unit is responsible for making sure the refrigerant within stays pressurized and thus, cool. The goal is to transfer heat effectively from the air to the refrigerant. When an AC is getting service, the technicians check the compressor’s motor and electrical wiring first to determine whether the compressor is faulty or the PCB board.

AC Fan Service & Repair

Every AC has at least two fans that need to be cleaned and repaired; the blower and the condenser. 

The blower is situated in the ducts or the inner unit of a split AC, and the condenser fan is situated on the outer unit. Usually, there is a motor that drives these fans, which may get damaged due to debris. Furthermore, it isn’t uncommon for blades to loosen up or get bent, either with the use or if animals or debris try to make their way in.

When servicing, technicians check these fans and oil them thoroughly to reduce friction, thus increasing their efficiency. You can call for ac tune up in Irving, TX as their HVAC maintenance plan will help your system provide worry-free heating and air conditioning throughout the year.

Refrigerant Service & Refill

You may find this common issue when servicing an air conditioner. Run your fingers along the refrigerant line and check for a black liquid along with it. Simply running your finger along the metal pipes should be enough to tell you if you have a leaky refrigerant. 

Technicians usually have a gauge to help them determine the gas’ pressure. Then, they repair any holes in the line and refill it. 

These are just some of the issues that get noticed when servicing an air conditioner. Debris, overuse, or underuse can lead to several problems that need to be diagnosed and fixed. 

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