How You Can Grow Your Business with ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness offers business formation services, but they also offer much more. They offer several services and resources that can help you as your business grows by saving you time and money. 

Customers of ZenBusiness appreciate their services, as you can see by reading ZenBusiness reviews

Read on to learn more about how ZenBusiness can help you grow your business.

Forming Your Business Entity

The process of forming your business entity, whether it’s a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation, can be time-consuming. You have many things on your plate when starting a business, so using a service like ZenBusiness for your business entity formation can allow you to focus on other tasks.

ZenBusiness offers a starter package for LLC formation that’s only $49, and it includes not only the formation service but also a name availability search and an accounting consultation. You’ll have online access to your formation documents and receive full customer support. 

If you upgrade to their Pro Plan, for $199 annually, you’ll also receive an operating agreement template that will allow you to just fill in the blanks, and an annual compliance service that will send you reminders of important due dates for things like annual reports. 

Registered Agent Services

In most states, you’re required to have a registered agent, which is a person or entity authorized to accept official correspondence and service for your business. 

ZenBusiness can act as your registered agent to receive important documents on behalf of your business. They will notify you of the correspondence and make the documents available online. 

You can act as your own registered agent but doing so requires you to be at your registered address during normal business hours. As a new business owner, you’ll likely be quite busy and will need to be out sometimes for meetings, sales, and more. 

With a registered agent service like ZenBusiness, you’ll have the freedom to be where you need to be to grow your business. 

Using the service also gives you privacy. If you’re sent a summons, they will receive it so that you are not personally receiving it in front of clients or employees.

ZenBusiness offers registered agent services in all states, so if you expand your business to another state, they can act as your registered agent in that state as well. 

The cost is $99 annually, which is less than many other registered agent services cost. It’s a great value and can let you focus on more important things.

Your Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is not required in most states but is critical to the future of your business. It defines ownership percentages, how profits are distributed, what happens if a member of the LLC leaves, becomes disabled, or dies, and much more. 

An operating agreement can also help to resolve member disputes by including provisions for voting and decision-making.

If you have an operating agreement drawn up by an attorney, you’re likely to pay $500 to $2,500. ZenBusiness offers an operating agreement template that contains all the appropriate language and allows you just to enter your specific information.

At only $49, the ZenBusiness operating agreement template can save you considerable money and time.

Compliance Services

Every state has various filings that are required periodically for your business. You have to keep track of due dates and spend time doing the filings to ensure that you comply with state laws and remain in good standing. 

ZenBusiness offers the service of handling those filings for you, ensuring that all due dates are met and that filings are done correctly. 

They will also handle up to two amendments a year if your formation documents ever need to be adjusted for things like a business address change.

The service costs $199 per year, which is a good value considering the time it will save you. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that your business will always be in compliance with state laws.

Business Documents

As a business owner, you’ll need numerous documents within the course of your business. Having an attorney draw up documents when you need them can come with a considerable cost that will add up over time.

ZenBusiness offers a library of documents, including contracts, loan agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, and many more.

Access to the document library costs only a one-time fee of $99, and you’ll always have access to them. This can save you literally thousands of dollars in attorney fees over the course of your business.

Instead, you’ll be able to use those funds for working capital or for growth initiatives for your company. It will also save you time, as you won’t need to make trips to your attorney’s office.

In Closing

Starting and growing a business requires considerable work, time, and money. ZenBusiness services can take many tasks off your plate so that you can focus on what’s most important. They will also keep you in compliance with state laws so that your business remains in good standing. Compared to competitors that offer similar services, ZenBusiness is an excellent value. 


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