How You Can Benefit from Hiring a Professional Land Surveyor

The benefit of property for business owners and private individuals alike is simple – you get to claim a piece of land as your own. Property is considered one of the best investments you can make in your life for the simple reason that it is scarce. There is only a finite amount of it on this Earth so if you own some, you can potentially help it change your life.

You might be looking to open up a business, turn the property into a rental income source, or own property to build a house, but there’s a hidden service that anyone who owns property should be looking into and that is a professional land surveyor. Professional land surveyors help give you a good picture of the property you want to own and develop on here some benefits that can provide for you.

Determine the Best Spot for New Construction

A land surveyor is going to create a detailed report, including field surveys of a property, so that land can be properly purchased and accounted for. This means checking for deed claims, discrepancies, and possible problems. They can help determine the best location on a property for construction, which is important if you are looking to build any kind of property on a plot of land. You want it to be a smooth process, which is what they provide.

Help Reduce Liabilities

Boundaries exist for legal purposes when it comes to property, but many people are unaware of where they begin or end. Another issue that exists is liabilities, like building on sensitive ground that has water lines or electrical lines. Professional land surveyors at highlight the need to get a good picture of the property, which is to prevent these liabilities. You won’t need to worry about encroaching on someone else’s property or building on dangerous utilities when you get it surveyed.

Provide a Detailed Account of Your Property 

As mentioned, a land surveyor is going to be able to provide a detailed account of the property. This means providing information on boundaries, deeds, title claims, ownership, depth of soil, size, and sketch out maps to give a good look into the property. This detailed account of the property is going to prove helpful for people who are looking to purchase or develop on specific land. Without the surveyor, you may be unaware of many issues lying below, or issues of legal matters.

Identify Potential Issues

The issues mentioned are incredibly important. Neighbors often fight over things like whose side of the property a tree is on, but even this trivial example is serious because it can lead to legal disputes. Another problem is developing on land and causing a problem like digging and bursting a water main, which can cost you plenty of dollars in liability damages or repairs. Hiring a professional land surveyor is done to help identify these issues and help you avoid them, saving you money or headaches.

Help Figure Out What Zoning Permits You Need

If the property is being used for a business purpose, you’re going to need to go through a lot of red tapes to get zoning permits for certain amenities. A parking lot, an alley, or a sidewalk all need to be taken into consideration by the local municipality, so a land surveyor can help you figure out the best way to build a property in accordance with zoning laws. Similarly, if you are planning on putting in a pool for a residential property, you’ll need some form of a permit as well.

Provide Helpful Property Advice

Last but not least is their ability to provide advice on the property. Their job isn’t to come in and help you figure out how to develop the land, but they are good at giving useful tips on ways to improve the land and make it habitable or useful for you. This could mean advising against a pool, which would be a hassle if it goes wrong, or knowing what permits a business would or wouldn’t receive. This is a crucially underrated purpose that they can serve for someone who needs a detailed account of their property.

You may not have heard of a land surveyor before, but if you’re looking to buy a property or own it, they’re a service that you cannot do without. For these reasons, you can see why hiring a professional surveyor is well worth it.