How to Wash Your Car in Easy Steps?

Are you one of those people who think they can wash the car themselves? Well, you are half correct, anyone can wash the car. However, can someone claim with utmost surety that he/she can wash the car properly without any knowledge? 

The car washing process is not hard but it surely is quite tricky. So, if you want to wash your car properly, you have to learn the whole process first. Here is the step-by-step guide that you have to read and follow to get as good results as the professional car wash service.

  • Park the car in the appropriate place
  • Get rid of the loose dirt
  • Make a soapy solution and apply it to the car from top to bottom
  • Give the car a good rinse
  • Leave the car to air dry

Park the car in the appropriate place

The first step in the process of washing the car to perfection is to park the car in the appropriate place. A shaded area is the best place to wash the car. If you choose to do it in the sunlight, expect the vehicle to have hard water spots. So, find a well-shaded area in your surroundings and get set on the mission.

Get rid of the loose dirt

Do not attack the car with the car wash cleaning solution and water at this point. Try getting rid of the loose dirt as much as you can. You can use a microfiber cloth or an old tee to wipe it off.

Make a soapy solution and apply it to the car from top to bottom

Rinse the car with clean water once there is no loose dirt left to make the car appear dirty. Now take a pH-balanced car wash solution, a microfiber cloth, bucket, and fill it with water. Add a little amount of car wash solution into the water and give it a good mix. Take the microfiber cloth, dip it into the soapy water solution, and work on the car by moving the microfiber cloth in a Z-pattern. Avoid moving the microfiber cloth in a circular motion as it leaves the micro-scratches that do not make the car look nice and clean. Moreover, work from top to bottom to move the dirt in the same direction as well.

Give the car a good rinse

Once the entire car is treated with soapy water, it’s high time to rinse the vehicle off with clean water. Rinse the car quite well if soapy water is left on the vehicle, there would be hard water marks. You can hire an auto detailing chino.

Leave the car to air dry

Lastly, you have to let your car air dry in the same shaded area. No matter how long the car takes, do not attempt to speed up the drying process. Be patient. More importantly, don’t drive a wet car as well. Otherwise, all of the time and the energy you have invested in washing your car to perfection will be wasted.


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