3 Tips: How to Choose the Best Tankless Gas Water Heater?

Most housekeepers are worried about stuffing their houses with the right home appliances. Intelligent machines are required to make life more convenient and safe. For example, all of us want to use hot water on demand. Instead of heating it on the stove, you can install a unique water heater to get it heated merely in the blink of an eye. There are 2 significant kinds of heaters – with and without a tank. This informative review focuses on a tankless option. It explains how to choose the most beneficial tankless gas water heater for you.

You should take this matter seriously. If you select the wrong device, you may regret the day you bought it. Perhaps its capacity is insufficient for your household. It may also require too much energy, and thus your monthly billing will be higher than before. Besides, you should pay heed to the gas tankless water heater cost to be sure you can afford it. Only after you settle all these issues can you get busy finding a Noritz contractor to install the device for you. Right now, we will highlight 3 great tips that will help to select the right heater for your household.

Brand Selection

Firstly, you need to start with the selection of the brand of your gas tankless water heater. The modern market offers a real bouquet of various manufacturers. They offer pretty much the same, as well as quite different options. We recommend selecting from famous brands. Although they may charge more than other manufacturers, it’s still worth a try. You will get a long warranty (sometimes lifelong) that will serve you long. It’s a very profitable investment in the long run. Here are the top brands for today:

  • Rinnai
  • Rheem
  • Bosch
  • Ecosmart
  • Takagi
  • Camplux

These are the real titans in the market of water heaters, and they are present in every country. One of the fastest ways to buy one of them is to visit Amazon, eBay, and similar online platforms. They always offer a rich choice of these brands and the models they propose. Mind that online shopping is commonly cheaper compared to standard stores. Thus, you have a chance to buy a natural gas tankless water heater to suit your domestic needs and save up a lot of your earnings.

When you select this or that brand, pay attention to the following essentials:

  • Reputation in the niche;
  • Customers’ reviews;
  • The length of warranty;
  • Features of a specific model;
  • The durability and reliability of a definite model.

Besides, check if you have a service provider near you. It’s vital to have a service that can send experts to you to fix any issue that may occur according to your warranty.

Capacity and Incoming Water Temperature

Secondly, give heed to 2 vital points. These are the capacity of the best gas tankless water heater and the incoming water temperature (IWT) it proposes. A tankless option is perfect for regions with a warm climate.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that a tankless heater will never suit a cold region. You simply need the one with sufficient water capacity. For example, a unit that offers 3 gallons per minute warms water in less than a minute if the average temperature is 60°-120°. If it’s 30°-120°, it’ll surely require more time to heat the same amount of water. Besides, you lose about 0.5 of general capacity. It’s not profitable for the household. To avoid this issue, you simply need a more powerful unit. Be sure you find a suitable option with sufficient water capacity.

Consider Fuel and Energy Issues

Thirdly, you should take into account the fuel type and energy factor. Although we discuss a gas unit, we cannot omit its main competitor – the electric unit. We need to compare them a bit.

A gas option is cheaper to operate because general prices for natural gas are cheaper compared to electricity. Nonetheless, gas may be more expensive than electricity in certain regions. Be sure you check how it goes in your area. Perhaps an electronic analog would be more profitable for your household.

In case the prices for both fuel types are pretty much the same, an electronic option will be more beneficial. Why is it so? These units are cheaper. Commonly, tank water heaters’ energy factor ranges from 0.5-0.6. In other words, you use only 50-60 cents of fuel when the unit consumes $1.

Commonly, gas-fueled heaters have an energy factor of 0.8. So, its condensing variant gives you a 0.9 energy factor. In the meanwhile, an electric unit offers a 0.98 energy factor. Even though electric units offer higher energy and energy efficiency, they are more expensive to operate because gas is cheaper in most regions of the USA.

As you can see, the issue of tankless water heater gas or electric is crucial. Study both cases to be sure of what is better for you.

What About the Versions?

Although we have already told you about our 3 tips, there is one more interesting point to discuss. We should review 2 opposite versions of the best tankless water heater gas for you. These are inside and outside versions. Mind that the same manufacturer may offer pretty much the same models for the inside and outside installation. If you install the device outside, it won’t take any space in your house.

If you intend to find, review, buy, and install the best tankless gas water heater, always use our informative guide for a correct choice. Be reasonable and choosy when you make the final choice. It’s better to follow the trends and select highly reputed manufacturers. Even the best tankless gas water heater 2021 may be better than a newer version for you. Study the market attentively to define the pros and cons of various brands. Consult an expert in the field to get a precise understanding of your possibilities. Afterward, you will be able to define the profitable option for you.