How to Warm Up Your Decor This Winter

Winter weather typically means overcast skies and perpetual gloom during the day. Everything outside is dingy, but your house doesn’t have to be! Warming up your decor this winter can easily make your home the perfect escape from the typical gray winter drab. 

Choose Warm Colors.

The warmer the colors you put in your home, the warmer it’ll feel! Change out your bright orange throw pillows you used during the summer and replace them with darker ones. You can even add some jewel tones, such as emerald or ruby, to add some depth to your decor. Having warmer colors in your rooms will make you feel warmer, too!

Hang Large Bulb String Lights.

Large bulb string lights typically have a softer, yellow glow than LED fairy lights. Hang them inside your bedroom from wall to wall so the light extends across your room or around the perimeter of your deck for some outdoor ambiance! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best part about string lights is that when you no longer want to hang them, you can easily take them down until you want to hang them up again!

Add Blankets and Pillows.

You can’t warm up the decor in your home without actually bringing in things that will make you warmer! Increase the amount of sherpa or flannel items you have. Winter is a great time to stock up on personalized blankets and throw pillows. You’ll be able to warm up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa, curled into a thick blanket with your back against a pillow while you watch Hallmark movies. 

Add Candles.

Candles are a great way to warm up your living spaces. You can use candle holders to add an extra level of decor. They come in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. Candles are a perfect alternative if you live in an apartment or home without a fireplace. You can create a cute collection of various candles in the center of your coffee table or mantel, but you should also strategically place candles in corners of rooms so the light that emits from them covers the whole surface area of the room. That way, you don’t have any dark corner spots to try and awkwardly navigate through! 

Hang New Things Up.

Changing out your wall decor is a great way to warm things up! Switch out the photos in your picture frames. You can print out graphics and hang them up, or you can purchase home decor signs that reflect a theme in your space. If you want your space to remind everyone of the spring or summer, focus on finding graphics with florals or palm leaves on them.  

Keep Slippers Close By.

One of the body’s responses to cooler temperatures is to restrict blood flow to the extremities. This includes our feet! If you live in a home that has wooden or stone flooring, you might notice that your feet get really cold really quickly. Having slippers readily available will help you stay warm when you’re traveling from room to room, cooking in the kitchen or running to the garage for something. 

Create a Cozy Corner.

If you have the space, rearrange your layout and create a cozy corner in your bedroom, office or living room! Find some large pillows, thick blankets and maybe a bean bag. Place them in the corner, hang a tapestry on the wall and add a bookshelf to make the space more inviting. You’ll have a cozy little area to curl up with a book or your laptop to binge watch your latest favorite baking show!

Invest in a Fire Pit.

If you own a home with a large enough backyard, add a fire pit! Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stop hosting outdoor events. Your friends will love if you add a fire pit to your outdoor experience. You can roast s’mores around the fire. Upgrade your outdoor seating to include thicker cushions and have a weather-proof storage bin filled with blankets to keep your guests warm when they’re spending time outside. 

Add Rugs and Curtains.

You might not think about it, but changing out your curtains and adding rugs in your living spaces will make them feel warmer. Adding rugs will keep your feet warm as you walk across the floor (especially if your floors are hardwood), and purchasing insulated curtains will help trap in warm air. You’ll start to notice a difference in warmth immediately! 

Change the Bulbs In Your Table Lamps.

If you have floor lamps or table lamps, change out the bulbs to vintage Edison bulbs with softer, yellow hues. If you’re worried about energy costs, a lot of brand-name manufacturers are creating vintage bulbs that come as LED lights. They’ll last longer than traditional vintage bulbs but still give you the shadow-casting glow you’re looking for. 

Get Greenery.

If you’re missing the summer greens, purchase some plants! You don’t have to go big. Adding some succulents by making your own terrarium can add some greenery without taking up much space in your home. If you do have a green thumb, purchase some plants that thrive indoors, such as a spider plant. Double check which plants are toxic to animals–especially cats–if you have pets! Not the biggest fan of live plants? No worries! You can purchase some fake florals and greenery to put into empty vases that match your warmer color scheme to brighten up the room and make it feel more cozy. 

Put Out Thicker Towels.

We all know what it’s like to turn off the water in the shower and proceed to freeze while we’re drying ourselves off. Avoid the post-shower freeze by adding some thicker towels to your bathroom this winter! You’ll be thankful to have something plush to wrap yourself into as you head from your bathroom to your bedroom. 

Even if it’s cold outside, your home decor doesn’t have to be! Warming up your decor will make your home the best retreat from the harsh winter weather.

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