How to quickly and effectively change the style of your apartment?

If you are looking for an idea for an effective, quick and inexpensive rearrangement of an apartment, in this article we present some proven ideas that will refresh your interior and give it a completely new atmosphere.

Our idea for changing the look of an apartment – stickers!

The best idea to change the interior is to use ingenious stickers that you can stick on the furniture. In online stores, you can easily and quickly buy stickers pixerstick that allow you to effectively change any surface of the apartment. Stickers of this type can be placed on any piece of furniture, on the door, on the fridge, on the wall, on the wardrobe, on the ceiling and anywhere you want! Stickers of this type are resistant to moisture and stains. Thanks to this, they work well in places where they are exposed to splashes (e.g. in the kitchen or in the bathroom).

Stickers of this type usually resemble traditional photo wallpapers or any picture you want. Therefore, you can choose from various landscapes (e.g. mountains, forests, beaches, meadows), futuristic irregular shapes, elements inspired by plants and any images. In other words – you can choose any pattern. Thanks to the large selection, everyone will find something that will suit their apartment. An example of a sticker that is very popular is a ukok sticker showing a photo from plateau UOKOK. It is a pattern that fits perfectly into the living room, teenager’s room or office.

Other ideas for refreshing the apartment


If you are looking for an idea to create new atmosphere in the interior, it is worth thinking about appropriate lighting. It is surprising how a small lamp in the corner of the room can change the atmosphere of the interior. The change of lighting from cool to warm or the use of LED strips illuminating a selected wall or furniture can make a really a really surprising difference.

Painting the walls a new color

Carrying out a major renovation involves a lot of work and high costs. On the other hand, painting the walls is usually a simple task that anyone can do on their own without the need to involve a renovation and construction company. Changing the color of the walls can greatly refresh the interior and give it a completely new character.

Plants and flowers

Another idea is to skillfully arrange flowers and plants. Green plants refresh the interior and make the interior more natural. In many cases, just a few plants are enough to really effectively change the interior. Contrary to appearances, flowers and plants fit not only old-fashioned interiors but also very modern apartments.

In summary, there are quite a few ideas on how to refresh the interior. In our opinion, especially stickers for furniture are a very interesting idea.