How to make the most of a north-facing garden

As we all know, the most desirable position for a garden is for it to be facing south. This is because it gets the most sunlight throughout the day. However, there are still ways you can maximise the potential of your outdoor area even if it’s facing north – here’s how.

Make the most of the natural light


Start by placing plants and other natural decorations in the areas that get the most natural light throughout the day. This will give your plants a good chance of survival and keep them looking their best.

If you have any trees with low-hanging branches, you can try maximising the light behind them by pruning these so that more sunlight shines through. For gardens that get little to no sunlight, try researching which plants can survive well on their own while out in the shade.

Create more light

You can create more light by adding colour to your garden. Whereas flowers may not bloom as well without direct sunlight, you can add colour in other ways such as by painting the fences and perimeters a nice, light colour. Try adding in colourful plant pots, outdoor rugs and other garden furniture to brighten up the space. Reflective surfaces also do a good job of encouraging more light into a space too.  

Add a shed, greenhouse or conservatory

If you’re worried about your garden getting too cold and dark for plants to grow, you could try investing in a shed or greenhouse to grow your produce in. This way, you can install heaters and artificial light to aid the growth of plants that require warmth.

Why not add seating to your shed or greenhouse and transform it into a natural paradise to enjoy a book with some peace and quiet in?

You could even bring the outdoors inside by adding a conservatory extension onto your home. Create a cosy snug for you and guests to enjoy, with French doors to easily access the garden on warmer days. This can be quite an expensive route so it’s good to consider your financial options when planning this big renovation.

Invest in a fire pit

If your garden is big enough, try investing in a fire pit. Not only will this add character to your garden, but it will help to keep yourself and guests warm long after the sun has gone in. Gardens in the shade tend to get colder quicker, even in the summer. This way, you won’t have to call your gathering off early and can enjoy evenings all year round while keeping cosy by the fire.

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