How to Find the Right Paving Company for Your Project

If you have decided on new driveway paving, perhaps paving for a new patio, or maybe you are interested in some garden paving services, it is important that you hire a reliable professional paving company.  There are many different companies available and you need to ensure you find a professional and skilled company that will perform the project well and charge reasonable prices.

 Here are some tips to help you in the search for an experienced company.

  • Do your research

Ask around for recommendations and check out the various companies you may be given referrals for. A professional company will have some form of a website and social media profile. Have a look and see what information there is and read any customer reviews.

  • Compare several companies

Don’t just settle on the first company you hear about. It is a good idea to compare several companies. Doing this will give you an idea of prices, time scales, and materials. You should be able to easily spot the difference between new inexperienced companies to more experienced long serving ones.

  • Get a quote

Most companies supply free quotes. Make sure to get a quote from each company that you are interested in. At this stage, it doesn’t need to be fully detailed. This will allow you to compare prices and establish the average cost.

  • Ask for references

It is always a good idea to ask for other customer references. You will find bad contractors are easy to spot; either they have no references or reviews or everyone knows about them! Good contractors on the other hand have excellent reputations and their names are widely spread.

  • Look at their previous work

If they have a website there will probably be photos of previous jobs; they may even have a portfolio of previous projects. If there are no pictures or descriptions of previous jobs, that should be giving you warning signs!

Now that you have selected a few companies that seem like they can do a good job, here are 5 more key points to keep in mind which will help you choose the best candidate for the job.

1. Find out if your paving contractor has relevant and local experience.

Experience is one of the best things that can recommend a contractor. The more experience they have the more likely they are to be skilled, not make mistakes and do a good job.

2. Ask if your contractor provides free consultations and estimates.

Check the quote that they give you shows all of the details of the work that has been done, the time spent, and the costs involved. It’s important to be able to see what each charge is for. They may have just given you an initial quote to establish a price, but now you want a detailed quote.

3. Check on your contractor’s credentials.

If your contractor has professional credentials then this indicates that they are well trained and are serious about their work and their reputation. Also, check that they are fully insured and licensed. You should be able to find this information on their website.

4. An experienced paving contractor can discuss your options.

Whatever the job, a professional experienced contractor should be able to give you professional advice and discuss all your available options. They should be able to suggest improvements to your plans and tell you if something is not viable. They should also be able to suggest alternatives.

5. Make sure your paving contractor uses only the highest-grade materials.

The quality of materials used can make the difference between a bad job and an exceptional job. They also make a difference in the appearance of your project. Tell your contractor that you expect them to use good-quality materials. Good paving company will not sacrifice quality for cheaper ones.