How to clean shaggy rugs?

Are you looking for easy ideas to clean shaggy rugs? No matter which type of rugs you have, you need cleaning and maintenance to keep them protected and use them for a long time. You need cleaning of your shaggy rugs, but you need proper instructions for proper cleaning of rugs; otherwise, you may damage your rugs.

Step-by-step guidelines to clean shaggy rugs

Follow below simple guidelines below to clean shaggy rugs properly without damaging the quality.

Step One:

The first step for cleaning the shaggy rug is to identify what material your rug has. Because rugs are available in different materials and each material needs different instructions to clean. Maybe one method that is perfect for one material may not be good for another.

Step Two:

Give a cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Before the deep cleaning, you should clean and remove the dirt from the shag rug by using a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner will help you to remove dust and debris from the rug. You should clean the rug from both sides.

Step Three:

The vacuum cleaner removes most dirt and debris from the shaggy rugs, but pet hair may not remove and may stick in the rugs. So you need independent therapy for the removal of pet hair. Brush such plastic brushes are the best option to use to remove the pet hair from the rugs.

Step Four:

Shake the rug to remove the dirt and grit. Sometimes dirt on the bottom surface of the shaggy rugs and does not remove. So you can remove it by shaking the rugs; if you have a small shag rug, you can shake it alone; otherwise, take help from someone to shake a large rug.

Step Five:

If you checked and found that there are still stains, you should try some home products therapy to remove stains and bad smells from rugs. Prepare a solution of baking soda, water, and white vinegar in equal amounts and place the rug inside the solution for thirty minutes. If your rug is wider, then prepare enough solution to soak the entire rug in the solution. If stains are thick, you can leave them for more time, like one hour, to properly clean the stains.

Step Six:

Remove the rug from the solution and wash it with clean freshwater. Do not use hot water; it may damage the material. Spread the rug in sunlight for a couple of hours at some clean place to become dry.

Step Seven:

Check the rug; if all stains remove then it is good; you can use it. But if some stains are remaining, then use a thick paste of baking soda and water on the stains, leave it for a couple of hours, and then remove it. Dry it properly before use.


Your shaggy rugs need proper cleanliness and maintenance. We have provided you some easy ideas to clean your shag rug without damaging it. These tips are helpful to clean all types of rugs. You will not just remove dust and stains but can also remove bad smells from the rugs.