How Does a Smart Alarm Work?

Smart alarms monitor your sleep cycle using one or more sensors. If it notices you’ve woken up in what should be an ‘un-waking’ hour, it plays a specific sound that helps to soothe you back to sleep without waking you up. There are various resources on how they work; some use white noise, and others play music to help put you back into a restful state of mind. The idea is that playing these sounds can help you fall asleep again quickly and prevent you from being awake for too long during your most restful hours of sleep.

How Does a Smart Alarm Work?

Smart alarms are just what they sound like. They’re wireless alarms that you can control from your phone. It makes it possible for you to turn off your blaring alarm and go back to sleep or change its settings anywhere in or outside your home. This type of alarm is perfect for those who have trouble waking up on time and need a little extra assistance rising with purpose in the morning. To understand how these devices function, it’s essential first to understand their components. Here’s a quick rundown

The Base

The base acts as a docking station for your smartphone. It’s where you place your phone when you want to use it as an alarm clock. This device also has features that make using your smartphone as an alarm even more accessible, such as a snooze button and volume control. Some bases also have built-in charging stations, which can be convenient if you don’t have enough outlets in your bedroom or don’t want to clutter your nightstand with yet another charger.

The Alarm Unit

The alarm unit is what sits on top of your bedside table and makes noise when it goes off. Batteries typically power these devices, but some newer models can be plugged into an outlet.

The Smartphone App

The smartphone app is your control center for everything related to your alarm clock. It’s where you can set and adjust alarms, check battery life, manage settings, and more.

The Alarm Unit

The alarm unit is what sits on top of your bedside table and makes noise when it goes off. Batteries typically power these devices, but some newer models can be plugged into an outlet.

How It Works

The alarm works by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. When it’s time to wake up, your phone receives an alert from your alarm clock. You can choose which song you want to play or what radio station you want to listen to and then set your desired volume. Once you’ve chosen how you want to be woken up, place your phone on its base and get ready for bed.


Smart alarms use sensors to detect when you’re in REM sleep, usually by monitoring changes in your breathing patterns. The sensor then tells your phone or watch to vibrate, hopefully waking you up from sleep before an actual fire breaks out. Some newer models of smoke detectors can sense fires using heat detection and send an alert to your smartphone so you can get out of there safely.


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