Expand Your Possibilities: 3 Home Addition Ideas for Growing Families

There are plenty of reasons your family might be considering building an addition to your home. You’re not alone in wanting to improve your property and/or its value, either.

Consider the following fact about the average United States homeowner. Every year, families spend around one to four percent of the property’s overall value on improvement projects.

If that means your family is looking for home addition ideas, you’re in luck. Keep reading for three key ways to make the most of your home’s new addition project.

1. Get Organized with an Added Utility Room

You may have been in homes that have a useful entryway area such as a mudroom. This is a great spot to store all kinds of outdoor attire from shoes to umbrellas to gloves and scarves.

Perhaps your home is feeling too cluttered or in too much disarray. You could also consider adding storage space or another utility room. In these kinds of spaces, think about building shelves straight into the walls for extra convenience.

2. A Sunroom with Plenty of Windows

Another great home addition idea is that of a sunroom. This is a great project for families who are looking for another sitting area that also might be great for hosting guests. A sunroom can create a welcoming, comfortable ambiance to relax and enjoy the home’s surroundings.

The idea of a sunroom, of course, is to have an area with enough windows to show as much of the natural scenery outside as possible. This is about as close as you can get to being outside without being exposed to any critters or the weather.

Consider investing in floor-to-ceiling windows, though they might cost a little bit more. Investing in these, though, would really make the most of this room’s natural lighting.

3. An Apartment Space to Rent Out

The last home addition that you might consider is one that can end up paying for itself in time. Creating a separate apartment space gives you the option to rent it out long-term or even short-term like an Airbnb. Many families choose to put this kind of addition on top of an already existing one-story garage.

In order to optimize the quality of this entirely separate home from your own, it’s worthwhile to hire a contractor you can trust. For one reliable example, check out Carosyl Home Additions Inc. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your new home addition investment will stand the test of time.

Make the Most of the Above Home Addition Ideas

Improving the living space and function of your home is worth any investment. You now have some home addition ideas that can help you get started on this worthwhile project. Don’t let that be the end of your home repair and maintenance, though.

We encourage you to browse through more of our blog articles to see how you can keep improving your home for guests and those who live there.

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