Everything You Should Know About Blowtorch Burglary

In order to avoid break-ins, it is essential to remain informed about new security dangers because today’s burglars are now using very sophisticated techniques. The newest technique that many thieves are employing to enter homes is the use of a blowtorch. This could even be described as an enhanced lock-snapping technique. This article will describe how blowtorch burglary is committed and the precautions you can take to prevent it.

Blowtorch Burglary

As the name implies, blowtorch burglary is a type of criminal trespass method where robbers target door locks and handles with a simple blowtorch. Using blowtorches to enter a residence can result in enough damage to snap, distort, or completely remove the lock. Criminals use a small blowtorch to burn through the UPVC or alloy material surrounding the door handle and lock. This is done in order to drill a hole large enough to reach through the door.

Unreliable, non-accredited locks are the main targets of blowtorch burglary. The center screw hole, which holds the lock in position, is the weak spot of any non-accredited lock. However, the cam switch which is the switch that opens and shuts your door, is also located above the center screw hole.

The burglar adds pressure to the screw hole region in the center of the cylinder lock after getting beyond the initial sacrificial lines of the lock. Then, the lock easily snaps with a normal lock snapping technique. Following this, the burglar can easily enter your home and grab your valuables, leaving you scared, bewildered and violated.

Now that you know this technique, it is important to know how to safeguard yourself and your valuable property from this. There are many ways in which blowtorch burglaries can be prevented. Let’s have a look at a few methods below.

How Can Blowtorch Burglary Be Prevented?

Aim to stay one step ahead of any burglars who might try to target your property if you want to make sure your home is secure. Knowing that you and your home are safe will give you peace of mind. The most crucial safeguards you can take include upgrading your locks and external security, as well as strengthening or modifying your doors to make them harder to penetrate. The best locks to use to prevent blowtorch burglaries are anti-snap locks.

If a burglar melts your door with a blowtorch, they will be unable to snap the lock because of the anti-snap lock, which will stop any attempt at breaking your door lock. Sash jammers can also be added to uPVC doors to deter potential robbers. If your door’s sash jammers are installed, a broken lock won’t allow it to open. Additionally, sash jammers can successfully stop any windows or doors from opening in an attempted burglary because they are simple to fit for most types of doors and windows.

You can also install composite wood and steel doors in your home to protect yourself from blowtorch burglary attempts. These doors are the safest and most secure options available. In addition, wood and composite steel doors are perhaps the strongest and highest-quality doors on the market in terms of safety due to their reinforced materials, strength, and sturdiness of the door.

If you do not have the skills to examine or change locks, we advise calling a trustworthy locksmith. You should always choose a local professional locksmith to design, supply, and install your security goods since faulty lock installation could put your home or place of business at risk. If locks are installed properly and come with warranties from the top manufacturers, any burglary attempts will be immediately prevented.

In Conclusion

If an attempted break-in occurs, taking the appropriate security measures now will save you a lot of unnecessary time, heartache, and concern in the future. There is a large range of security devices available that can protect you and your home. Despite how tempting it may seem, keep expensive items, such as your car keys, away from yourself at night. Otherwise this may encourage a thief to break into your home more thoroughly and threaten your personal safety.

Remember, if a burglar is able to enter your property despite it being protected and having the necessary security measures in place, your insurance will cover the damage. However, if you do not put in the necessary security, as required by your insurers, you risk the possibility of having your policy declared void, and having your claim declined.

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