5 Locksmith Advice You Don’t Want To Ignore!

Home security is every homeowner’s priority, but most people hardly commit time or effort to employ necessary measures until an invasion happens or security systems start malfunctioning. While the job of a locksmith is to change and repair locks, as a profession they will always provide critical tips on anything related to home security but a locksmith’s advice to install a car alarm on your vehicle is not intended to sell you an alarm. Many people presume that a locksmith’s advice is an effort to drum up business hence dismiss it altogether, but when you have a professional locksmith by your side, their proposals can go a long way to save you from future distress and cumulative costs. Through their profession, they come into contact with people who are in distress due to an emergency that necessitates their assistance. They’ve seen firsthand what can happen when people leave their spare keys under the doormat or buy alarms for their homes or vehicles online and install them themselves.

This is why the advice given by the locksmiths is something we shouldn’t ignore. In this article, we put together the 5 most important pieces of advice from the locksmith industry;

Advice 1: Duplicate Your Keys But Keep Your Spares Safe

It is typical for most people to store keys under doormats and flower vases especially if you only have one set of keys. Regardless of how secure you think your spot is, experienced thieves already know where to look. Therefore, you should make sure you have one set of spare keys and let your trusted neighbor, friend, or family member keep an extra copy for you. 

You should be extremely cautious to avoid attracting thieves. Besides, some may be tempted to break in after seeing how easy it would be to access your home, despite not having the intentions initially. As an extra tip of advice, make sure you duplicate your keys at a place you can trust! 

Advice 2: Let Your Neighbors Know What You’re Up To

If you’ve ever had the uneasy feeling that your neighbors are watching your every move, you understand how unpleasant that can be. However, you will be grateful if they notify the authorities if they see someone attempting to enter your property. Others may have the complete opposite experience, never meeting any of their neighbors.

Although most neighbors are trustworthy, we all know how busy we are with our own lives that we sometimes don’t know who lives next door. Both extremes are avoidable if you try to find one on your street or in your building you can keep in touch regularly. Request them to watch over your compound while you are away. You could ask them to visit your home regularly, making it seem as if you are around.

The goal is to avoid obvious signs that you will be away from home for an extended period of time, even if it is only for a few days. As a result, rather than using a timer, ask them to enter your home and turn on lights at different times. Also, make certain that they collect letters and parcels to eliminate any details that may indicate your absence.

If your area has neighborhood watch, they might provide better monitoring. You could also gather a team to form one to be proactive about keeping the neighborhood on high alert.

Advice 3: Alarms and Sensors Is NOT a DYI Project 

You will come across manufacturers offering easy-to-install alarm systems that they deem convenient. In the consumer market, some sellers intentionally zero in on their potential customer’s ignorance of the technical bits of security systems. If you want value for your money, partner with a professional locksmith service with extensive know-how on security systems offered in your locale. 

Professionals audit your property’s security needs to identify existing loopholes and establish the best ways to set up the systems. They also help distinguish between overpriced products that cannot offer longevity to the buyer. Try an install-it-yourself system, and thieves will dismantle it with a tutorial as quickly as you installed the system.

Noisy alarms are disconcerting to property invaders, and they alert neighbors and security keepers whenever someone invades your property. This is why locksmiths advice on security cameras and alarms. Sensors also come in handy in detecting movements and interferences within your property. If you like to go a notch higher, you could also install cameras to collect identity. All these give optimal performance when installed by a professional.

Advice 4: Avoid Cheap Replica Locks

A simple test to see if your locksmith is truly professional is to mention purchasing a lock online and observe his reaction. We’re not kidding. When this question was raised, every locksmith we spoke with for this article had a lot to say, and their frustration is understandable.

Locks are the first line of defense for most homes, and they should be up to the task, but many low-cost locks are ineffective at deterring intruders. As a result, you should choose high-quality locks from reputable brands because they implement high-level security and should only be installed by professionals. Preferably, choose a double-cylindered lock for exterior doors and windows, which must be opened with a physical key.

Considering that regular thieves are afraid of being in the open, using bulky locks with high visibility will dissuade them. Besides, no insurance company will be willing to compensate you for a loss incurred for using second-hand locks. Therefore, choose your brands wisely and listen to your local locksmith. They know what they are talking about.

Another thing mentioned is not to hesitate to ask a locksmith to inspect your locks. and overall home security. In some areas, this service is for free and if not, the cost is very low compared to being burgled.  

Advice 5: Remember That Burglars Too Use Social Media 

If you tell your Facebook friends you’re going on vacation, keep in mind that more people than your actual friends may find out. Burglars today turn to social media to get information about homeowners. Therefore, refrain from the urge to update your social media followers of your every move. You never know who comes by such information. Besides, it is advisable to apply privacy settings that let few people get your updates.

You should also not post valuables as they make you a target. In fact, always store valuable items such as jewelry in a safe. It does have to be bulky. Some safes resemble everyday items such as wall clocks and photo frames on walls.

Lastly, disable location tracking to keep your movements secret. Besides, thieves could use this feature to find nearby targets on social media. They may then stalk you before planning a theft.

Listen To Advice Will Help You Stay Safe

We picked five of the most important tips for this article but there is much more useful advice and in the end, it’s all about being aware. It’s important to listen to professional advice even when it’s something simple like keeping bins and ladders away from the fence. There is a good reason why all locksmiths mention this. Another thing is to store away things that can be used as crude weapons, including hammers, saws, and sharp utility tools in the compound. Additionally, burglars can access your house through your garage. You should therefore prioritize garage security as much as you do for the rest of the house. Most theft-prevention methods, like those we’ve discussed in this article, are either free or relatively affordable to implement.

Our point is to emphasize how important it is to follow advice by professionals, in this case, Locksmiths, despite how simple it might seem. In case you do not understand how a tip is supposed to help you, always feel free to seek further clarification. A truly professional locksmith will always be willing to explain. This goes a long way to keep you secured from losses and recurring security costs.