Does Gridworks Energy Offer Post-Installation Services in Edmonton?

When choosing a solar installation company, going local can make a difference. Take Gridworks Energy in Edmonton, for example. They’re not just any company – they’re experts who know the ins and outs of the area like the back of their hands. 

And that’s where the magic happens. By opting for a local solar installation company like Gridworks Energy, you get top-notch service and tap into their area-specific knowledge, giving you a significant advantage. 

It’s like having a solar superhero in your backyard, ready to harness the sun’s solar power and transform your energy game.

From planning to installation to what you can expect post-installation, we will cover it all here so you can make an informed decision about going solar.  

How to Get Ready for Your Solar Panel Installation

Now that you’ve found a reliable local solar company, I’m sure you’re excited to harness the sun’s power and go green. But before you embark on your solar panel installation journey, ensure you’re fully prepared to make the most of this green energy revolution!

First things first, let’s talk numbers!

Calculate the total cost of setting up your solar energy system, considering the type and size best suits your needs. 

In Edmonton, the average cost of installing solar panels ranges from approximately $10,000 to $16,000. This cost includes engineering, materials, labor, and permissions. At the same time, solar power incentives and system loans may lower your investment.

And guess what? 

You might be in for a pleasant surprise with available subsidies that can make your solar dreams even more affordable!

Now, let’s gear up with an equipment checklist. 

Think of it as your solar superhero starter kit! 

From Solar Panels to Charge Controllers, Power Inverters, and batteries. After gathering all the needed parts, assemble your green energy dream team!

But wait, there’s more! 

Find the perfect solar system size to match your energy needs. Calculating your electrical appliances’ wattage and daily usage ensures you have the correct solar battery and wire size for a seamless and efficient power flow. 

The Installation Journey

It will all start when your skilled installers embark on a thrilling mission to your doorstep with a meticulous site evaluation. Like solar detectives, they uncover the perfect design for your home’s energy needs. 

Your roof, electrical setup, and even the ideal spot for your battery (if you have one) are carefully examined, like pieces of a puzzle coming together to power your home with the sun’s incredible energy.

But wait, it gets even more exciting! Once the design changes are unveiled, get ready for the big reveal! We can’t wait to present them to you! It’s like being handed the keys to a greener, more sustainable future.

With your green light, it’s time to send those permitting documents off to the city for their official stamp of approval, which usually costs around $500.

The installation process could take just 1-2 days to have everything set up and ready to go in no time. Don’t worry if there’s a little power outage during the process; it’s just a temporary blip before you dive into a world of convenience and efficiency!

The grand finale is the city inspection, the ultimate stamp of approval that ensures your solar project meets all necessary permits and regulations. 

Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for—once the utility company signs off on the project, your solar system is officially connected to the grid! Get ready to harness the sun’s power and produce your own clean energy – it’s like having your sustainable energy source right at home!

What’s Next? Post-Installation Services

Congratulations on your brand-new solar panels! After harnessing the solar energy, let us explore solar panel system maintenance and post-installation care.

Solar panel systems are designed to require minimal maintenance, but some property owners choose solar operations and upkeep packages to ensure optimal performance and added peace of mind. 

These packages offer additional services like cleaning, electrical system checks, and pest control, especially for commercial projects. They’re like the VIP treatment for your solar system, ensuring it always operates at its best.

While solar systems typically require few repairs or replacements, inverters are the unsung heroes that may need attention within their warranty period, usually after 10 to 12 years. 

Don’t worry; most solar equipment comes with manufacturer warranties, but it’s essential to understand what’s covered and any potential added costs. Carefully reading those warranty documents can save you from unexpected surprises down the road.

If you need to replace or repair solar equipment, most manufacturers’ warranties cover equipment replacement. At Gridworks Energy, you can rest assured that the solar systems used are of the highest standard; still, the company offers a 10-year workmanship and 25-year production warranty.

Reputable solar companies assess your roof’s condition to ensure its durability before installation. Solar panels can extend the life of the roof. Talk about a win-win situation!

However, if re-roofing ever becomes necessary after installing solar panels, don’t fret. The cost can vary based on system size, removal, storage, and reinstallation of solar equipment. Still, it’s a small price to pay for the incredible energy savings and sustainability you’ll enjoy.

Keep an eye on those trees! Over time, they may grow and cast shade on your solar system, affecting its performance. Trimming or removing trees can give your solar panels a better sunbathing experience and boost their energy production.