5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Home in Phoenix

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it is easy to see why Phoenix is referred to as ‘The Valley of the Sun.’ Add to that the great transportation network, great schools, culture and shopping among other things and you will see why people are running to live in this great city. If you are looking for a place to buy a house, here are five reasons why Phoenix is a great choice.

  1. Venturing outdoors

Phoenix has no shortage of outdoor recreation activities. The Salt River cuts through the city, and you can enjoy watersports like paddleboarding and river rafting. The city is surrounded by mountains like the Superstitions, White Tank, McDowell, and Sierra Estrella Mountains, offering a perfect landscape for outdoor play. If you love hiking, the Tonto National Forest is a perfect hiking scene. 

  1. Low cost of living and house prices

When it comes to purchasing a house, Arizona is an ideal place to do it. For a city the size of Phoenix, you will find the Phoenix multi family homes for sale very affordable. As of January 2021, the average house price in Phoenix was $357,000, which is relatively cheaper compared to the national average of $408,000. The city also boasts low property taxes. 

In addition, Phoenix was recently named as one of the cheapest cities to live in. When compared to other cities in the United States, things like groceries, transportation, healthcare, and other utilities are far much cheaper in Phoenix. 

  1. Friendly weather to maintain your home

Owning a home in a place that feels like a vacation is fantastic, but that’s not the only benefit of Phoenix’s nice weather. The weather is also nice to your home and the dry air and sunshine throughout the year make it easy to maintain your home. Without ice and snow, you don’t have to worry about a damaged roof and drainage system. If you have lived in colder climates, you know how damages caused by snow and ice can be a great pain to deal with. The city of Phoenix rarely sees snow and the temperatures normally stay above freezing throughout the year. 

The nice Arizona weather also helps homeowners save time and money since they don’t have to prepare for winter or spring thunderstorms. You don’t have to worry about investing in gutters and cleaning gutters so often like in other colder climates.  

  1. No traffic

Most big cities have a bit of rush hour traffic, but traffic is rarely a concern in Phoenix. This city has the lowest traffic in the country. Thanks to an easy-to-navigate grid road system, bike-friendly commutes, and affordable light rail transport, Phoenix has the lowest traffic in the United States

  1. Vibrant nightlife

It doesn’t matter where you live in Phoenix, because every corner of Phoenix has a vibrant nightlife. From jazz bars to country music bars and electronic music clubs, the city has a lot to offer. 


There are several benefits of choosing Phoenix as your next home. From weathering perks to low cost of living and low home prices, the Valley of the Sun is a fantastic place to call home.

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