Do You Need to Replace Your Plumbing

How can your plumbing system let you know it is high time for renovation and change? 

Hardly any communication line supporting your home can withstand decades of years untouched, while a last-minute replacement is likely to rip your budget and stress you out. It might be especially challenging and nerve-wracking to witness your plumbing system collapse out of the blue, causing leaks and floods that have a disruptive influence on the foundation and the property stored. 

How can one evaluate whether the pipes require immediate replacement or the plumbing system is still pretty dependable. Homeowners should keep in mind that replacement procedures can cost from 3,000 to 10,000 US dollars in a house with two bathrooms and a kitchen zone. Therefore, the decision to renovate the territory has to be shrewd. Follow the advice of the 5 Star Plumbing professionals to learn how you can evaluate the pipes and have the plumbing condition overview. 

Five Facts to Consider When Inspecting Your Pipes    

If you are not planning to renovate and reconstruct your whole dwelling, replacing all possible communication lines and constructions, have a look at our inspection guide. We have figured out certain focal aspects that every homeowner should consider before cutting open the flooring and walls. 

Usable Shelf Life

Any material has a lifespan. Learn about the type of plumbing operating in your home because it is the key to understanding what the future holds. Here, you need to take into account two important criteria: type and purpose of pipes (supply lines vs. drain lines). 

Below we have worked out a lifespan chart relying on the metrics referenced above: 

  • If you have brass or galvanized steel pipes fitted in your house for water supply purposes, you will likely need to consider renovation after 75-100 years of constant exploitation. 
  • Copper pipes are a little less durable compared to the aforementioned materials. Still, the shelf life is impressive and can exceed 70 years.   
  • PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing alternatives can save homeowners a mint of money. This type of pipe can be installed right into the walls and is released with a 25-year warranty certificate. Also, they are much more affordable at costs. The only concern is that the material is relatively new, and there is too little knowledge on how it can affect health overall. 

Keep in mind that the supply lines are exposed to harder water pressure due to the assignment and will likely cause more massive destruction and leak if any emergency or deterioration arises. 

Drain lines are traditionally made of cast iron or PVC materials and have a huge difference in lifespan characteristics.

  • PVC, also recognized as polyvinyl chloride, can serve up to 25-45 years but appears to be more affordable compared to metal constructions. 
  • Cast iron durability is great and will serve the house for 85-100 years on average.

However, keep your head up no matter what, as durability highly depends on the conditions and overall pipe maintenance. Even if your plumbing system is about to expire following the lifespan expectations, it doesn’t mean homeowners should instantly start a renovation project. Just supervise the pipes from time to time to have the updated info.

Invite a Dependable Specialist

You are encouraged to learn about the lifespan characteristics of your plumbing lines from the inspection papers you acquire when buying the premises. If you have doubts and are afraid to miss any essential details, inviting a licensed plumber will be the best choice. You are empowered to apply for a free check-up or hire a specialist. Whatever you decide to do, look for a dependable plumber with positive reviews and a good reputation.  

Remove Life-Threatening Pipes

Our health depends on the quality of the materials the plumbing pipes are constructed of. We use the water supplied by the system for cooking meals. We drink the water and expose our skin to it. If the professional inspection has detected life-threatening materials, the pipes must be immediately replaced. Here, we emphasize the danger lead and polybutylene plumbing systems can bring. Though these pipes can serve decades, they leak hazardous elements that poison our organisms and can cause severe health problems.   

Exposed Pipes

One of the greatest opportunities to renovate the plumbing system lies in replacing exposed constructions if needed. You can hire a professional, trustworthy plumber to do the hard work in the basement area and accessible places of your house. You won’t need to tear down the walls or demolish the flooring. Exposed pipes can be replaced for a relatively affordable price of 2,000 to 5,000 US dollars, depending on the squares and the materials. 

Remodeling Time Replacements

The perfect time to renovate the plumbing system is the remodeling time. Should you start a house repair project, take the chance to inspect and replace the plumbing system if any signs are showing some problems. Depending on the materials, it will demand extra 1,000-1,500 US dollars, but safety is the primary right. 

Keep an Eye on Your Pipes

To crown it all, we recommend all responsible homeowners whose house age exceeds 55-65 years to keep an eye on the dwelling and take the required care of it. Love your home, and it will always be the place of your recreation and power.