Daily Habits to a Hygienic And Well-Kept House – Ideas for a New Homeowner

Whether lavish or tiny, there ain’t no place like your home. This is the only place where you feel super relaxed no matter what life throws at you. Hence the age-old adage ‘home sweet home’ and the necessity to keep your home organized, clean and tidy is as important as taking care of your body. However, this is a task that is easier said than done!

Keeping up with regular housekeeping can be an intimidating task, especially when you have all the other household chores to attend. Maintaining a clean home is more about adapting a few good habits and less about arranging the time involved. We will help you with a list that may help you start off the process of keeping your home clean. 

Dump Your Dustbins Daily

There’s no denying the fact that dustbins are the dirtiest places in a house as they attract pests like houseflies, cockroaches, and ants which further lead to toxic diseases and infections. In fact, a pest control South Lyon company recently reported that pests are the primary reason behind an untidy home and hence the sooner you eliminate them, the better it is for your house. Wash the bin with liquid soap at least once in a week to reduce the smell. Keep separate dustbins for living room and kitchen and label them if needed. 

Make The Bed Everyday

Are you one among them who feel that making the bed is nothing but a waste of time? If yes, you’re wrong as it makes a huge difference in how clean a room looks. It takes a few minutes to tidy up your bed and it helps you start the day with a positive note. It is always more comfortable to climb up to a made bed at the end of the day than a messed-up bed. 

Clean Up The Kitchen

For the women or for the entire family, the heart of the home lies in the kitchen. Due to regular cooking, the kitchen tends to get dirty. It should be one of your daily habits to clean up your kitchen sink and countertop after every meal. In case there’s a spill of water or oil or food curry, clean it up immediately if you don’t want it to move all over your house. Use a dampened cloth to remove the stains of grease and oil on kitchen cabinets. Try to minimize clutter by utilizing fewer dishes at a time. 

Maintain a Dust-Free House

Dust-clad ceilings and walls are home to spiders and their presence make the house look creepy and weird. Hence, you should clean the ceilings and walls on a regular basis. Dust the corners of walls, ceiling fans, chandeliers at least once in a week. Floor cleaning should be done with a mop and a vacuum cleaner at least twice a week. Wipe your sofa or use a vacuum cleaner to extract the dust from areas that you can’t reach with your hand. 

Clean Up Your Living Room

The foremost thing you can do to maintain a clean living room is to organize the newspapers and magazines in a shelving unit. Take some time to declutter and clean your side table. Never develop the habit of piling up things as this degrades the entire look of your room. After using the sofas and chairs, align them in the right position for later use. 

To conclude, it can be said that it is not too difficult to maintain a healthy and clean home but it certainly requires a lot of time. In case you’re too busy with your work and you run short of time, hire a professional cleaner who can do the task on your behalf. 

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