Can You Paint the Inside of a fireplace?

Did you ever think of painting the inside of the fireplace? Sounds crazy and people astonishingly ask can you paint the inside of a fireplace. We all know paint cannot subsist or persist the fire heat. 

You might be thinking painting in a fireplace is totally money and effort wasting. The truth is there has a lot of paint which can endure fire and it will help the fireplace to look clean & glossy. 

So what kind of paint is safe to use inside a fireplace (Heat proof paint)? The most commendable & expert suggested high heat paints are:

  • Rust-oleum 7778502 Paint
  • Krylon K01607000 high heat Spray paint
  • Black Rutland 1200 Degree paint

How to paint the inside of a fireplace?

Well, when there has an opportunity to paint inside the fireplace then we should paint it down. Burning heat makes the fireplace ashy and the wall looks indistinctly coaly. For this reason, you need to paint and need to know how to paint the inside of a fireplace

Instead of painting the fireplace inside, you can get an affordable brand new fireplace grate

Before you start painting you must consider what kind of paint is safe to use inside a fireplace. As I suggested to you before, Rustoleum paint performs admirably in the fireplace. It can endure up to 1400-degree fire and ensure long-lasting glossy paint. 

In this article, you will know a proper method to finish the inside of a fireplace (Paint). Here are 4 steps to paint efficaciously inside a fireplace;

Step 1: Take out the fireplace grate & accessories

Bring out the fireplace grate whatever types of grate you have. Also, take out the dish pan, dust pan, wood leftover, metal log holder, coals, ashes, soot, and other dirt. Put them in a trash bag otherwise, they will spread dirt and dents on the floor. Before you start cleaning make sure everything is out of the fireplace, especially dirt and large accessories.

Step 2: Clean the fireplace inside

It’s time to clean the whole fireplace surfaces and walls. Take a scrubber, soapy water, brush, fireplace cleaner, and dry cloth. First of all, brush out all over the surface area and make sure there is no ash left. Now scrub the fireplace with a scrubber and soapy water. 

Scrub the whole surface and especially the fireplace walls. If you want to clean it efficiently and effortlessly then use a fireplace cleaner liquid instead of soapy water (Obviously it’s the best option).

Step 3: Apply paint coat

When your paint is ready to brush or spray, look around the inside quietly as to whether the fireplace became dry or not. If not, then wait for a while until it gets dry. 

Start brushing or spraying the paint from the wall side, after completing the wall section finish the upper and lower surfaces. You can try a second paint layer coat if required (Totally up to you).

Step 4: Wait for Dry and set up the fireplace

When your painting process is finished, wait until the whole fire grate fireplace gets dry. It could take up to 5 to 8 hours to dry comprehensively. 

It’s time to set up the fire grate and other fireplace accessories. Overall, now it will look more elegant and clean. If you’re confused about what color to paint inside of the fireplace so it can look more alluring. In my opinion, black color paint would be appealing but you can try white color also.


Therefore, you can paint the inside of a fireplace but you need to manage high heat paint for applying inside. Not only did I confirm with you about painting inside the firebox, but also I clarified the painting method, purpose, and painting process. I hope this efficient method is going to make your fireplace shiner immaculately.


Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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