Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth Buying?

When the sun’s out, the heat is increasingly becoming unbearable. Thus, only an air conditioning unit can help you cool down.  

There are several types of air conditioners. It can range from a bulky window and central-cooling type to portable air conditioners that you can take anywhere in the house. Hence, choosing the best one for your property and family needs can be challenging. 

Each type has its pros and cons, and you may be surprised to find out the reasons why you must consider a portable unit over the other traditional ones.           

How To Decide Which Air Conditioner Type Is Best For You

In choosing the right type of air conditioning unit for your home, consider your family’s needs and lifestyle, location, space requirements, maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and budget.

Cost-wise, a central AC system is the most expensive among others, costing up to USD$8,000 including installation fees. A mini split-type comes in second, which you may have to pay for up to USD$5,000. Window and portable ACs are the cheapest, priced at no more than USD$800.   

8 Reasons to Get A Portable Air Conditioner

There are many reasons why you should opt for a portable air conditioner for your property. Check out a few of these reasons below. 

Easy to Install–

Portable air conditioning units are compact and lighter than the rest. Unlike split-type and window-type ACs, these portable units are easy to install. Simply place an exhaust vent area and you can use it anywhere in your home.

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Can Cool You Anywhere–

Portable units are specially made to be used anywhere in your home, as they have built-in wheels. Being lightweight, you can also carry and move it from one room to another without fuss.  

Low Maintenance–

Traditional units require regular cleaning and drainage maintenance checks to keep them in good working condition. To avoid the hassles of maintaining a traditional air conditioning unit, use a portable AC.  

Spot Cooling–

If you have faulty heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your home, you can use portable AC to cool your desired spot. You can also use it while your system is being repaired or cleaned. 

On-The-Go Cooling–

You can choose a portable AC that’s meant for outdoor use if your family is often on a trip. There’s one for use in your recreational vehicle or one that can be used with a rechargeable battery.    

Reducing Power Consumption–

If you’re noticing a huge spike in your electricity bills, your centralized air conditioning unit may be to blame. To save on costs, you can use a portable unit and turn on the centralized cooling system if the whole family is present.   

To Abide by The Rules–

In some rental properties, the property management can be very restrictive regarding installations and external fixtures. The same goes for a few homeowners’ associations. If you’re in one, a portable AC offers the most viable solution.     

Dehumidifying Properties–

A portable air conditioning unit can help dehumidify your living area if you live in a humid climate. Those located in dry zones may opt for an evaporative cooler instead.   

After carefully considering these elements, conduct research for every air conditioner (AC) type and find out what to look for in each of the systems available on the market.  

Downsides Of Portable ACs

Not everything is perfect with these portable cooling units, though. For all its benefits, a portable AC also comes with deficiencies. 

Can be Noisy–

Of all the types, a portable AC is the only one with a fan that’s attached to the unit. This can trigger loud and undesirable sounds. Some more advanced units come with noise-reducing properties, though.     

Can Be Energy-Hungry–

Some potable ACs may use more energy to cool your room efficiently. The trick is to choose a dual-hose design, which is generally more power-saving than its single-hose counterpart.

May Require More Maintenance–

Portable ACs work by sucking in hot air and moisture and cooling it down to provide you the comfort you need. However, the moisture collected may condense inside the unit. Thus, you might have to empty this section manually. Choose a model that features continuous draining so you don’t have to do it all by yourself. 

It May Be Less Effective For Bigger Rooms–

Portable ACs can’t rival the cooling power of a centralized air conditioning system or a split-type AC. If you want to cool a bigger room, simply look for a model with a high British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating to fulfill your needs.   

Final Thoughts 

Portable air conditioners are worth the investment for reasons stated in this article; convenience, mobility, and added comfort. A portable AC is easy to install and maintain, and doesn’t need as much power as the other types. It does have its flaws, so invest in a product with the most advanced technologies, if you have the budget.   

Ultimately, your decision to purchase a portable AC will depend on multiple factors, with your family’s needs and lifestyle as the main considerations.  

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