6 Innovative Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Door

Front door designing is not given that much importance compared to interior design. However, the front door is an important aspect of visiting a home. This is where first impressions are experienced firsthand before entering the house itself. In the same way, the door may just be an object but it gives the inviting feeling that attracts people and at the same time reflects the values of the inhabitants. No matter how big or small the house is or how exquisite the overall architecture the house has, people, will always notice the front door. It is the focal point that would depict the personality, style, and principles of the residents. But while it may seem to you like some type of furniture, it is an essential part that must be looked after. We have gathered ideas that you can consider to increase the appeal and highlight its features especially when visitors come to your home. Antique decorations are also unique to the point that no two antique objects are similar to each other. Another great choice would be custom-made ornaments, especially crafted metals by bespoke forgers like Bibstone Blacksmiths in Gloucestershire. Finally, it is a good investment because the value does not decrease as years pass by. 

1. Antique decorations

Antique pieces are known to give that vintage appeal and have been utilized as a decorative element for years. There are many antique pieces available and those that lasted for thousands of years tend to be the most expensive ones. But, there are many benefits why you should consider getting one. First, it is environmentally friendly because you are able to reuse and restore objects to lessen the increasing number of trash. Even the makers of antique objects themselves create the most attractive pieces out of scraps of old furniture. Antiques are also known to be durable and versatile. These items can be displayed anywhere and have surfaces that are created to withstand different weather and natural conditions. Another reason is that the beauty of these objects is timeless which can complement the modern interior designs we have today. 

2. Floral and leafy patterns

Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay 

Do you have a green thumb and would like to display the plants and flowers you’ve taken good care of? You can! Aside from placing your potted plants on the pathway leading to your door, you can also include hanging plants or a bouquet as the centerpiece. 

3. Ornaments with sparkling and illuminating effects

Almost everything that twinkles has that lasting effect on the eyes, so look for those decorations with glitters in them and even those attached with lights. These shining and decorative elements add a stylish feature to your front door. With lighting, three types are used for a layering effect. The main source of lighting is the ambient which could be the lamp beside your doorpost. Next is the task lighting is used for important activities that are part of your routine. An example is a sensor light that automatically switches on whenever it senses someone is near the door. Lastly, accent lighting is used purely as a decoration. If you want to emphasize the centerpiece of your door or towards your plants, then this lighting is applied. It does not have to be subjected to an object, it could be utilized for ornamental purposes. 

4. Custom metal signs

Are you looking for a personalized decoration that has a touch of your personality and taste? You can opt for custom metal signs! Although these may be common in business establishments, however, it can also be utilized as a casual decorative element for your home. Aside from welcoming visitors or even just you and the people living in your house, it provides a comforting experience when they arrive. There are ready-made metal signs in stores but if you are going for a more personal touch, you can have it custom made through metal fabrication companies. Just provide them the layout and other important details like the color, size, and shape to make sure that the production goes according to what you expect. 

5. Chalkboard door signs

If you want different quotes to display each day, then the chalkboard is suitable for your preference. It can also be a medium where people can freely express their ideas like their mood or emotions. Also, this is beneficial if you want to leave a note or reminder to the person for situations when you are expecting an item you bought delivered to you or a mail from someone away from you. What’s even better is that chalkboard door signs come in various forms made from different materials and are relatively cheaper. Now, there are stick-on vinyl or contact papers painted with chalkboard paint on the front. This is lighter and easier to attach on flat surfaces compared to the usual chalkboards. There are also liquid chalk markers available if you want to avoid the chalk powder residue when using the traditional chalk. 

Final thoughts

It should be taken into account that the front door should be given equal importance similar to the interior design because it is the focal point of the whole house. It must be presentable at all times and attract visitors in a way that they are welcomed. It should make those who notice it feel comfortable and safe. According to feng shui experts, how you decorate the front door will matter because it dictates what kind of energy you are inviting into your house. But even if you do not listen to them, front door decoration is necessary for the main purpose that it is where first impressions are made.