5 Tips for Lighting a Small Room

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Light plays a vital part in home décor. Whether it is a living room, bathroom, or dining area, each particular space requires specific lighting that makes them look visually appealing. When it comes to smaller rooms, lighting can be used in a certain way to make the room look bigger. Lighting tricks the eyes into seeing places one would not otherwise; thus, the room appears larger than it is. Furthermore, you want to avoid using harsh lights in small spaces, as it will only make everyone look bad and cast shadows. Continue reading this article to learn valuable tips about lighting up a smaller room.

Natural Light: Nothing can be better than the sunlight in the daytime illuminating the interior. The natural light makes everything look brighter and more open. So, if you have windows installed in the room, be sure to use glass windows and light curtains to let the sunlight come through even when the windows are closed. However, not every room in the house has windows that let the natural light shine through; for them, artificial lighting is the way to go. 

Use The Vertical Space: when you have a smaller room, you must use the vertical space to let the eyes wander. The interior designers often suggest using layered lighting to create a mellow atmosphere. For example, you can have different light fixtures on the walls and the ceiling and have table lamps in the room. 

  • Different designs of wall-mounted lamps are available in the market to choose from. Be sure to pick one that contrasts and complements your walls. You may go to the local supermarket or browse online to find the perfect lighting design. For example, people may visit Capital Lighting and select the best light for the house. 
  • When you use soft lighting at different lengths of the house, you highlight a different section of the room. You may even put lighting over artworks on the walls to focus more on the art itself. 

Floor Level Fixtures: You may add LED lights to light up the floor space at floor levels. The eyes are drawn to the floors, and one can see the beautiful rugs you put down on the floor. One can also see the back of the furniture, as the floor does not disappear in the darkness behind the bulky furniture. The floor-level light fixtures make the floor look beautiful and spacious. 

Table Lamps: Table lamps are a great light source when you want concentrated lighting. Therefore, you don’t have to install big lightbulbs in the room that mess up your room décor. In addition, a small room can often be used as a study room for the kids. Therefore, having a table lamp is the perfect way to ensure that the children have ample lighting for their studies. 

String light: At times, you want to have fun and decorate the room in a lively manner. Maybe you would like to celebrate a special event such as a birthday party, or you wish to host a sleepover. For a birthday party, you want a good source of lighting that does not overpower the room. The string light is the perfect balance between whimsy and practicality. You may have one-colored string lights or multi-colored ones based on your choice.