6 Home Improvements with the Highest ROI 

Embarking on home improvement projects is an exciting endeavor that not only enhances your living space but also has the potential to provide a substantial return on investment (ROI). If you’re considering making upgrades to your home, it’s prudent to prioritize those projects that offer the highest ROI. These strategic renovations enhance your daily living experience and contribute to your property’s long-term value.

By focusing on home improvements with a high ROI, you can make the most of your investment and ensure that your hard-earned money is wisely allocated. And this guide will explore a range of home improvement projects that consistently offer exceptional returns. Let’s start.

1- Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

Depending on your city and state, sometimes even a minor kitchen remodeling project can yield a better return on investment than a major remodeling project elsewhere. According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, a mid-range major kitchen remodel in Minneapolis will glean a 51% return on investment, whereas a minor kitchen remodeling project can boast up to 67.2% back at resale. 

So, in Minneapolis, kitchen remodeling is a top priority among homeowners, aligning with the city’s dynamic home improvement trends. Investing in a kitchen remodel allows homeowners in Minneapolis to create a culinary space that reflects their unique style and caters to their modern lifestyle. With a focus on modernization and functional upgrades, residents transform their kitchens with sleek countertops, smart appliances, and stylish designs. 

When considering a kitchen remodel, weighing the options between a DIY approach and hiring professional contractors is essential. While taking on the project yourself may seem like a cost-effective solution, enlisting the expertise of skilled professionals is often the wiser choice. So look for the best kitchen remodeling services Minneapolis offers and bring the right people for the job to get the most out of your home improvement project. 

2-Upgrade Your Bathroom

A bathroom renovation is another excellent investment for homeowners. For instance, a mid-range bathroom remodeling project can recoup up to 67% of your investment in a city like Minneapolis. 

When attracting potential buyers, bathrooms hold great significance and are subject to scrutiny. To give your bathroom a completely new look, a straightforward upgrade to the sink, faucets, and vanity can work wonders. Adding new lighting fixtures can significantly enhance its appeal and ambiance.

Furthermore, replacing tired and worn-out flooring with a new and modern option will contribute to the overall revitalization of the space. By paying attention to these key elements, you can create a bathroom that captivates buyers and adds considerable value to your home.

3- Transform the Landscape

Along with exteriors, the landscape is the first point of contact with buyers, and a poorly maintained garden can be a big turn-off.

Making a positive first impression is crucial, and the landscaping surrounding your house significantly influences its curb appeal. When potential buyers observe overgrown shrubbery and an unkempt lawn, they may question what other aspects of the house have been neglected. 

However, simple steps such as mulching, weeding, and replacing overgrown shrubbery can make a significant difference. And incorporating a paved stone patio or walkway and accent lighting can substantially enhance the property’s value. 

Maintaining your landscape can significantly increase your home value, and it is one of the very few projects that comes with great value in return. A National Association of Realtors (NAR) report concluded that a standard landscape upgrade gives 100% ROI. 

4- Consider Replacing the Garage Door

Modern garage doors are built to last, often made with recycled materials and designed for energy efficiency, ensuring they can serve you well for decades. These newer models can even integrate with smart home systems and operate much quieter than their older counterparts. 

Upgrading your garage door holds significant appeal for homeowners aiming to elevate their property’s aesthetics and functionality. Investing in a new garage door provides an immediate boost to curb appeal.

Though it may not be the most obvious choice and is often overlooked, replacing your garage door can yield handsome returns. The ROI potential reaches 102%, meaning you will get every penny back.

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5- A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders in increasing the value of your home. It showcases a well-maintained and visually appealing appearance that leaves a positive impression on potential buyers. 

Additionally, painting can hide minor flaws like cracks, further enhancing the overall look of your home. What’s even better is that painting is a relatively cost-effective investment compared to major renovations, offering a high return on investment (ROI) while giving your home an immediate lift that significantly boosts its value.

The color scheme chosen significantly impacts the return on investment of a paint job. It’s best to stick with neutral colors like gray, beige, and tan if you want to increase the value of your home. It is simpler for prospective buyers to picture themselves residing in the space, thanks to these colors’ versatility. 

On the other hand, it’s best to avoid using colors that are too intense or vivid.

6- Replace the Siding

Transform the appearance of your house from unappealing to captivating by addressing outdated, damaged, or deteriorating siding that lacks any charm or appeal. 

Opting for a vinyl siding upgrade enhances visual appeal and provides notable energy efficiency benefits. Modern vinyl siding offers improved insulation and a watertight seal, protecting your home. 

While investing in vinyl siding replacement may require a substantial initial investment, the exceptional return on investment (ROI), exceeding 94%, and long-term energy savings make it a highly rewarding option for exterior renovations. 


Home improvement projects are expensive, so before making substantial investments in home improvements, it’s crucial to determine which renovations provide a valuable return on investment. Not all upgrades result in the desired financial outcomes, so it’s wise to research the potential value of improvements in your area.

By taking the time to select the right projects thoughtfully, homeowners can rest assured that their investments of time and money will yield substantial benefits, resulting in a noticeable increase in their home’s overall value. It’s all about making wise choices and ensuring that the efforts put into these projects are worthwhile and rewarding.