4 Roman Blinds Shopping Tips

Roman blinds are a great addition as you strive to up your cur appeal with practical and functional elements. The stylish, versatile, and affordable blinds look elegant when up and lavish when down, turning your window into a piece of art that can transform the looks. Nonetheless, not all roman blinds can seamlessly fit within your property. You need to know what to consider and pick the best roman blinds from Elite Curtains to enjoy such versatility. Among the simple checks to help you select the best blinds includes:

The style

What are your existing window treatments? Shades that complement your current treatment make capturing a great look and vibe easier. Consider how they’ll work together, creating a seamless blend over competing styles that’ll stick out like a sore thumb. You can, for example, go for a simple and casual look with solid-coloured drapery paired with a textured shade. If you are looking for a touch of sophistication, pairing cascading elegant drapery panels with clean shade with lines will do the trick. It is all in your unique taste and style, and with your existing treatments in mind, you’ll find roman blinds that will elevate the looks.

The space

Regardless of the look you want, the right roman blinds can get you there. This is easier if you have the space and needs in mind. You would be better off with a dressy blind for the living room, while a calming effect works for the bedroom. For the kitchen, pick an option that brightens the space, while a soft touch for the bathroom works like a charm. As you spice up the space, layering the blinds with curtains adds a charm, creating more texture and warmth.

The fabric

As you select the fabric, keep maintenance in mind. For example, while pleats aren’t as crisp, linen and cotton, and other thicker options work well. Silks are gorgeous, but with a significant downside; they are prone to sun effects. They fade and get damaged by the sun, requiring practical measures to keep them in top shape for an extended period. Nonetheless, you can pick artificial silk, like polyester, as an alternative if you fancy the style.

The function

Why are you considering roman blinds, filtering light, improving privacy, or an aesthetic touch? Functionality makes it easier to pick blinds that won’t frustrate. Privacy is not much of a concern as the blinds offer enough effect. If protecting your interiors from harmful UV rays is your primary concern, considering an option featuring light-filtering fabric is advisable. With their versatility, the aesthetic appeal doesn’t have to take the backseat regardless of the intended function. The extensive shades and designs mean that you can find an option that matches your needs. This includes cord placement, ensuring you pick blinds that account for occupants such as kids and pets. If efficiency and convenience are priorities, you can also go for smart roman blinds.

Roman blinds from Elite Curtains can work in virtually any room. The trick is to shop smart, navigating the extensive pool to find a design and fabric that matches your requirements.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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