4 Key Benefits of HOA Living

Did you know that over 73 million American property owners live in communities with homeowners’ associations? Homeowners’ associations, or HOA for short, are organizations that owners pay into, and in return, receive a variety of perks and benefits for their communities.

Are you considering HOA living as an option for when you buy your next property? Here are some facts about HOA benefits and how your quality of life can improve living within a homeowners’ association.

Extra Amenities

One of the main HOA benefits that people love is the prospect of amenities that you may not find in a regular neighborhood. Many homeowners’ associations have pool access, clubhouses, or other areas where you can enjoy your free time.

You can also check to see if your community has fitness options like a gym or running and biking paths. With these options, you can exercise close to home and potentially cut the cost of a gym membership.

Pristine Landscaping

When you pay for HOA benefits, your property values go up due to many factors, including landscaping. Often your HOA fees contribute to landscaping services that go around your neighborhood and make sure all greenery looks uniform.

You may not have to worry about mowing your lawn, trimming bushes, or cleaning up the sidewalk in front of your home if you have a homeowners’ association. You will never be embarrassed about how your yard looks when you bring visitors over to your home.

Similar Community Aesthetic

In order to keep property values high, one of the huge advantages of belonging to an HOA is that you do not have to worry about eyesores. Homeowners’ associations will often require approval if you want to make major changes to your home or yard, such as painting the exterior.

If you want influence over what outdoor decorations or changes your homeowners’ association will allow, you can also join the board of the HOA. A board or committee also introduces rule changes and new guidelines, such as what to know to put up a new fence.

Make New Friends

A mandatory HOA in your neighborhood is a great way to make friends. You can meet people with similar interests through HOA meetings or activities organized by your neighborhood homeowners’ association. You will also have the added benefit of living close by.

If you are new to the neighborhood, you can even suggest an HOA event so you can find people who may become friends. Setting up a regular hobby that a group of people can do together will encourage and foster new friendships.

HOA Living Has Many Benefits

If you are still on the fence about HOA living, consider all of the benefits you will receive from a slight increase in your monthly living costs. With this type of community, you and your family can feel welcome and secure in your new neighborhood.

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