10 Benefits of An Updated Shower

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should replace the old shower in your Dallas home, here’s what we recommend: Yes, you absolutely should! Don’t worry; we have tons of reasons to back up our suggestion. 

Not only does it improve the aesthetic appeal, practicality, and accessibility of your space, but it also increases the property value of your home. In fact, Dallas bathroom remodels with shower conversions can give you a 55% to 60% ROI. Plus, a new shower only takes 24 hours to install if you hire a reliable contractor in your city. 

So what are you waiting for? Here are ten benefits of an updated shower you never know, from better water and energy efficiency to the newest technology integrations.

  1. Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Updating your shower can work wonders for your bathroom’s aesthetics. The simple act of renewing your shower can transform the entire look of the room, making it look more fresh and inviting. That’s especially true if you take this opportunity to add modern fixtures, sleek tiles, and a contemporary color scheme to your shower space. The best part? Stepping into a bathroom that you actually like is a whole new sensation, and you’ll dread your cold morning showers a little less. 

  1. Increased Property Value

The best benefit that comes out of updating your shower is the increased property value. In fact, a Dallas shower replacement, as part of a bathroom remodel, can add up to $60k to your home’s value. So, if you’re hoping to sell your home in the near future, the shower is one of the main things you should replace to bring in those big bucks. The return on investment for such projects can be up to 60%, so you’ll be getting back a lot more than you put in. 

  1. Energy Efficiency

If you’re worried about the high number written on your energy bills, then your outdated shower isn’t doing you any favors. Luckily, modern showers are increasingly designed with energy efficiency in mind, so an upgrade is exactly what you need. Your contractor can connect you to tons of energy-efficient showerhead options without compromising on the water pressure. These showerheads use less water, so you’ll need less hot water to enjoy a relaxing shower. That means your water heater will spend less energy, resulting in lower energy bills in the long run. 

  1. Enhanced Comfort and Relaxation

An outdated bathroom is an uncomfortable bathroom. Think of leaky fixtures, improper grouting, old tiles, and weak water pressure; now, that’s a shower experience no one can enjoy. If you value your comfort and relaxation, a shower upgrade is definitely the way to go. This simple change can come with tons of pros, especially the added versatility. You can add adjustable showerheads, thermostatic controls, and spacious enclosures, making your showers much more comfortable and soothing.

  1. Personalization and Customization

When you’re embarking on a shower replacement project, it’s the best time to personalize and customize your space. Maybe your previous shower space didn’t have room for your shower products, so you can install a niche for additional storage without taking up more space. You can also customize the aesthetics of the shower space. Whether it’s the color scheme, tile choices, fixtures, or overall vibe, this is your opportunity to truly make it your own. You can also personalize it based on your ideal shower experience with the help of rainfall, handheld, or massaging jet showerheads.

  1. Improved Water Efficiency

Of course, it’s never a bad idea to reflect on your daily water usage and pursue a more water-efficient lifestyle. An average shower uses approximately 17.2 gallons of water, so you can take this opportunity to invest in water-efficient options. You’ll find many fixtures that use less water without compromising the water pressure. In fact, the water pressure is even better than usual, so you won’t notice the reduced water. Not only are low-flow showerheads good for the environment, but you’ll also have lower water bills. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

  1. Health Benefits

Believe it or not, upgrading your shower actually has health benefits. For example, your old showerhead may have been rusted or lacking a filtration system. Once you install a new, filter-equipped showerhead, you’ll notice a major difference in the water quality and how it affects your skin. This can be particularly good for those with sensitive skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Of course, a high-quality, warm shower at the end of the day will also lead to better sleep and reduce stress in the long run. Updated showers often offer features like massaging jets and aromatherapy options. A new shower may be more beneficial to your life than you expect.

  1. Accessibility Features

Whether or not you have family members with disabilities or low-mobility issues, it’s best to ensure your bathroom is packed with accessibility features. This will help guests with disabilities feel welcome and safe. There are tons of accessibility features you can install when upgrading your shower, such as zero-threshold shower spaces. These have no curb or lip to step over, with enough space for a wheelchair to enter. We also recommend installing grab bars to help those with low mobility. Other accessibility features to consider installing include built-in seating, non-slip flooring, handheld showerheads, and wide-entry doors. 

  1. Technology Integration

In a world full of technology, why not integrate it into your bathroom for a better shower experience, too? When you’re working on your shower replacement project, it’s the best time to add some tech-savvy features that’ll take your daily showers up a notch. Whether it’s temperature control, voice commands, or aromatherapy, you’ll thank yourself once you enjoy the tech-integrated shower of your dreams.

  1. Increased Productivity

Lastly, an updated shower can do so much for your overall mood and productivity. When you start your day with a comfortable shower that has savvy fixtures, filtered water, accessibility features, and tech integrations, you’ll spend your day feeling much more motivated. 


Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, which means there’s no room for inaccessible fixtures and outdated showers. If you’ve read our list, you know that there are tons of benefits to getting a new shower, including a higher ROI on your bathroom remodel project. So, act fast and call up the most reliable contractor in Dallas to get the job done.