Hire A Professional Painter For Your Kitchen Upgrade

Updating your kitchen’s look is an excellent way to breathe new life into your house. Doing so can also improve your home’s value if you’re looking to put it on the market soon. One of the ways to upgrade this space is by painting it afresh. Since this task seems easy, you’ll find many homeowners handling it themselves.

Completing a do-it-yourself (DIY) painting project is only recommendable if you have the required skills and tools. Otherwise, you might not do a satisfactory job.

You’ll be stuck with an unappealing kitchen or require professional residential painters to redo the painting.

Either way, you’ll have used your time and money and probably need more if you call an expert for correction. 

It’s, therefore, best to work with a professional from the onset if you lack the skills, tools, or time to paint your kitchen anew. You can work with an independent contractor or check out this website and others to find a professional company you could work with. 

Below are four reasons to hire a painting expert to update your kitchen:

  • You’ll Save Time

Painting an entire kitchen involves numerous tasks. You’ll have to clean the walls, repair any holes, remove stains, eliminate mold, empty cabinets, mask wall edges, and cover your countertop. Besides that, you also need to lay a plastic sheet on the floor, move or shield appliances, furniture, and utensils, and choose and buy paint, finish, and the necessary tools. 

All these tasks can take a while if you’re a novice. This means that your project will take more time to complete. You can avoid this by hiring a professional. Since they’ve done the job longer, they’ll clean and prepare the space much faster and more efficiently. Moreover, they’ll take less time painting because they’re experts in the craft. 

  • They’ll Do A Good Job The First Time

Doing a DIY paint job may lead to many errors that can be costly. For instance, choosing the right paint for your kitchen can be confusing. This is because there are numerous types available in the market. For instance, some are suited for other parts of your home’s interior but not the kitchen, and others may be for your exterior. Also, some may cause allergies, and others can attract instead of fight mold and mildew. Moreover, some paints will last longer while others won’t. 

Besides that, you’ll require the right finish and brushes. When covering various places with tape, you’ll need the right kind for specific places and paints. Moreover, you must pick a good color and know the best cutting in techniques for areas harder to paint, like the border between walls and the ceiling or around a door frame. 

Hiring a professional painter can relieve you of all the above stressful tasks and reduce the risk of making costly mistakes. This is because experts know how to pick the right paint colors and types, tapes, brushes, and finish for your kitchen. Also, they’re well-skilled in cutting in techniques that produce the finest work. Generally, a professional painter will get the job done the first time correctly. Furthermore, they’re well-trained and experienced in making corrections in case of any errors. 

right paint colors

  • They’re Insured

Painting jobs can be risky. You could fall, hurt a family member, or damage your house. Also, paint and other chemicals used in this job can cause skin irritation, dizziness, and headaches. Besides, you may encounter dust and mold that can trigger allergy symptoms. 

Professional painters are well-trained in ensuring safety at a job site. They know how to handle hazardous chemicals, ladders, sprayers, and other work equipment. So, you can relax when working with a professional. 

An expert with insurance is even much better because if they’re hurt or cause any damage around the house, their insurer will cover all costs. Therefore, this is one of the essential factors to consider when looking for a painter to update your kitchen.

  • You’ll Get A Warranty

Professional painters guarantee they’ll do a great job after hiring them. Many do so by offering you a warranty. This agreement or contract protects you from the cost of repairs if a painter doesn’t do the job right the first time. 

Warranties can cover the quality of the paint used and the service rendered. However, there are limitations. For instance, these agreements expire after some time. Also, some don’t cover repairs if a homeowner intentionally caused the damage or a natural occurrence did so. Moreover, if your house was old at the time of painting it and a wall cracked, ruining the work done earlier, you’ll have to cater for the cost of repainting your kitchen in most cases. 

Final Thoughts 

Painting your kitchen afresh may seem like an easy task. However, hiring a professional is advisable if you don’t have the right skills and tools. You’ve learned four reasons to work with an expert in this article. As seen, a professional painter will save you time and do a good job the first time. Also, they have insurance and will offer you a warranty in case of any errors.


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