Your Complete Guide to Exterior Home Improvements

The exterior of your home is the first thing that guests see when you invite them to your property. If books are judged by their covers, homes are to some extent judged by their exteriors – so if you want to make a good first impression with your home, improving its exterior is a wise move. This guide will help you learn how you can do that, looking at the most prominent features of your home and what can be done to make them more attractive and impressive to those who make a visit to your home. 


While your walls may be a little difficult to change dramatically, it’s perfectly possible to make large and significant changes to your roof. AS it’s composed of tiles, you’ll be able to completely rip out the current set of tiles, replacing them with brand new, beautiful ones. There will be roofers in your area who can help you do this without causing disruption to your home – they’ll work hard to make your roof more aesthetically pleasing. Contact roofing experts to learn more about their rates, and the options for your particular roof. 


A dirty window is a noticeable blemish on your home. If it looks a little grubby, or it’s reflecting light oddly, your windows will show that you don’t take great care over your home – not the best first impression to make for visitors. Some home owners choose to hire a professional window cleaner to visit their home every now and then, but it’s also possible to buy the equipment yourself, going around your windows each month in order to make them clean from the outside. This effort should also be matched inside, with a quick buffing polish helping your windows glean all the way through. 


Your property is likely to have a single front door. This is the portal to your home’s interior, and it’s also where guests will arrive to ring the bell or pull on the knocker. So it’s a statement piece of your exterior, and worth investing in with a new splash of paint and other features that can make your door more unique and distinctive. Pair the paint color of your door with that of your shutters to create a more cohesive look. And leave potted plants by the door to make the threshold of your home more pleasant for visitors. 


The garden may not sit in your typical list of home improvement options, but it’s actually an extremely important element of your approach to enhancing the outside of your home. Every askew plant or dead shrub will detract from the hard work you’ve put in to the home itself, so it’s well worth maintaining your garden, and hiring a gardener if necessary, so that this part of your property feels as fabulous at the exterior of your home. Again, look to online tips and guides for inspiration on how you can change and beautify the garden that visitors pass through on the way to your home’s front door. 

These tips will help you make smart exterior improvements to your home, leaving it looking as wonderful as possible when guests arrive at your door. 

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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