Why Kitchen Exhaust Ducts Are Important for Improving Indoor Air Quality  

You can find different restaurants that provide a specific atmosphere that people wish to experience. Some diners want to smell the food the second they step into the restaurant, while others prefer clean air and wait until they get served their food. If you want your restaurant to have clean air, you should install a reliable exhaust in your kitchen.   

Every restaurant should always have a kitchen exhaust duct to eliminate the smoke and smell of cooked food. After installing the exhaust duct, you have to install HVAC grease duct panels so that you won’t have trouble having the ducts cleaned soon. If you still don’t see the significance of installing a kitchen exhaust duct, you have to read more about its benefits.   

  1. Eliminate Smoke Effectively 

The main advantage of kitchen exhaust ducts is they can eliminate smoke from the kitchen as quickly as possible. The kitchen staff doesn’t have to open windows or roof hatches since the kitchen has a duct that removes steam from cooking food. You can also expect to have zero complaints from your diners that they’re suffocating from the kitchen’s smoke.   

Most kitchen exhaust ducts are large in diameter, making them a piece of necessary kitchen equipment that all restaurants should have. The number of kitchen exhaust ducts will also matter, depending on how many stoves, grills, or cooking areas you own. A good technique is to place an exhaust duct for each cooking equipment to control the amount of smoke your kitchen generates.   

  1. Provide Clean Air 

Another advantage of kitchen exhaust ducts is they remove grease-laden flammable vapors. Keep in mind that inhaling too much smoke can cause you to choke and damage your lungs. Smoke can deal more lung damage when toxic substances like grease mix. Cooking pans or pots can potentially contaminate the smoke because of the burnt metal.   

While inhaling small amounts of smoke isn’t too dangerous, the kitchen staff may experience the long-term effects. At some point, the smoke may reach the dining areas and cause your customers to suffocate. You have to eliminate the toxic smoke by installing one or more exhaust ducts to clean the air within your restaurant.   

  1. Prevent Building Fires 

Some restaurants usually catch on fire because of malfunctioning kitchen equipment, or the kitchen staff didn’t use the proper cooking techniques, leading to their food bursting into flames. But what other people don’t know is that grease trapped inside exhaust ducts can also cause building fires if left unattended for a long time.   

If the heat from the cooking stove can reach the exhaust ducts, there’s a big chance that the grease will combust with the high heat. Every kitchen exhaust duct can withstand a certain heat level until its heat resistance fails. You have to train your kitchen staff or hire technicians that provide quality exhaust duct cleaning services to avoid building fires.   

  1. Cut Down Energy Costs 

Kitchen ducts not only remove smoke, but they can lower your restaurant’s energy costs. Your restaurant’s HVAC system will work twice as hard to clean the air if the smoke from the kitchen spreads to the dining areas. But when your kitchen ducts operate along with the HVAC, you can further improve the air quality inside your restaurant.   

  1. Reduce Mold and Bacteria Build-Up 

The entire kitchen will become contaminated with mold and other harmful bacteria if the smoke lingers around for too long. Your staff will also have a tough time cleaning the kitchen due to many bacteria stuck on surfaces. Fortunately, an exhaust duct can reduce bacteria build-up around the kitchen and make it easier for anyone to do the cleaning.  

The Takeaway  

You should always clean and maintain your kitchen exhaust ducts to achieve the highest indoor air quality within your restaurant. You’ll have more customers dining in no time when you provide them with a clean restaurant to dine in every day.   

Humna Chaudhary
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