What Are the Different Types of Bird Feeders That Exist Today?

Are you a fan of bird watching? Did you know that there are about 10,000 bird species

As a bird lover, then you might wonder about the different types of bird feeders. While it might seem tough to determine the right bird feeder for your needs, there’s hope.

This article will take a look at a variety of different bird feeders. Read on to explore more about these bird feeders, and separate the best from the rest. 

1. Tube

You can click here and explore other bird feeders. One of the best bird feeders is the tube design. This option will keep your seeds dry. 

It’s hard for squirrels to steal the seeds from this type of feeder. The holes are large enough for most birds to be able to enjoy. Many have the option for birds to sit as they pick out seeds. 

For tubes that go farther than the bottom holes, you might want to block this off. If not, the seeds at the bottom might rot and become old. 

2. Hummingbird

When you have a bird watching hobby, you’ll want to keep the hummingbird-style bird feeder in mind. What’s great about this feeder is that it’s designed for hummingbirds. They also don’t hold seeds toward the bottom as most feeders do. 

The nectar is offered through an enclosed container. There are small holes where a hummingbird can place its beak into. One problem with the hummingbird feeder is that it can attract ants. 

When going with this option, ensure that you buy ant guards. This will make sure that ants can’t get to the feeder. Make sure to clean the feeder often to avoid the growth of bacteria. 

3. Hopper

A bird feeder hopper is a great option when you’re looking to allow multiple seeds at once. Hoppers tend to attract larger birds such as sparrows, starlings, and cardinals. Keep in mind that they can also attract chipmunks and squirrels. 

They don’t provide much protection from bad weather. If water gets into the seeds, then they can sprout. Choose a feeder that has drainage holes to avoid water getting in. 

4. Platform Feeders

One of the most popular bird feeders is the platform feeder. They’ll also attract different types of birds as well. Blue Jays and Northern Cardinals enjoy platform feeders since they’ll have room to dine. 

Platform feeders come in a variety of styles and shapes. You can choose whether to place them on a pole, on the ground, or hung up. They can also be placed on tube feeders. 

Some trays are wooden, while others are plastic. Some have built-in roofs as well. 

5. Thistle Feeder

While thistle feeders are often confused with tube feeders, they’re different. Keep in mind that nyjer feeds should only give out nyjer seeds. 

The plus of a nyjer seed is that it can fit into openings that other food choices can’t. These feeders are tube-shaped but the part where the seeds go into is tiny. Only nyjer seeds can fit through it.

Choose nyjer feeders if you want to attract goldfinches. Other birds such as the House Sparrows, doves, and chickadees eat nyjer as well. 

6. Suet Feeder

There are different types of suet feeders including the cage design. The cage design is where the cage is placed onto a vertical wooden platform.

Woodpeckers enjoy placing their tails on this spot. This feeder also attracts jays, chickadees, and wrens. 

7. Oriole Fruit Feeder

If you’re looking to bird-watch catbirds, grosbeaks, tanagers, and orioles, you’ll want an oriole feeder that holds apples, grape jelly, and oranges. These are best in the fall and spring when you’ll see more birds migrating. 

8. Log Feeder

You can make your own feeder by taking a log and drilling a few holes into the side. You can place peanut butter or suet into it for the birds to enjoy. It’s also a perch for nuthatches, woodpeckers, and blue jays. 

9. Mounted

These are one of the best bird feeders because they won’t get knocked out of a tree, or fall off of a pole. You can mount a bird feeder onto a stump in your yard, or along the railing of your porch. 

Make sure that when you mount your bird feeder, it’s done correctly. This will prevent the seeds from scattering, getting knocked down, or blown over. Many mounted bird feeders come with the proper hardware necessary for the job. 

10. Window

You can place a bird feeder right outside of your window. Window bird feeders have suction cups to stick to your window. Birds can sit while enjoying the seed you provide for them. 

Pay attention to the window you choose since you’ll need to replenish the seed. It’s best to choose a ground-level window for this reason. The benefit of this is that you can watch the birds right from inside your home. 

11. Freestanding

Choose an attractive feeder, and it’ll be the focal point of your yard. Make sure that you can easily get to it in order to clean it out and refill the seed. 

Exploring the Different Types of Bird Feeders

Now that you’ve explored this guide on the different types of bird feeders, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Take your time picking out the right bird feeder for you. Think about the type of bird you’d like to attract before choosing a feeder.

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