What Are The Differences Between Glazings?

Your home is your haven, a place where you should feel comfortable and safe. When you are buying a house, glazing can sometimes be overlooked, but it is an important feature of your property. Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your windows but you’re unsure where to start? There are emergency glaziers in London that can help. If you’re looking to find out more about the three main types of glazing, read on. 

Single glazing 

Single glazing is made up of a single pane of glass in a frame. It is often found in older, period properties and is rarely used in new windows nowadays. Although they are less commonly used, they can still come with a few benefits. 

If you buy a property that has old-style features and you’d like to keep them, because single glazed windows are only made up of one pane of glass, they can be installed in old window frames. Perfect if you’re looking to keep your period features. 

They can benefit anyone that lives in a warmer climate – high temperatures mean you don’t need insulation for your home, which isn’t an issue with single glazing. 

With the pros, come the cons, and single glazing in comparison has a few of them! Living in a country with a climate like the UK, you’re going to want insulation from your windows so that the heat stays in your home, single glazing does not allow for this. They are also not very sturdy, so can break easily and shatter on impact, so don’t give a high level of security. Overall, single glazing is not efficient these days.

Double glazing 

Double glazing is a more common feature found in a lot of our homes. It features two panes of glass in a frame separated by a vacuum filled with air or gas. Double glazing comes with a list of benefits, such as the ability to provide insulation to our homes, the gas between the panes of glass acts as a barrier for keeping the cold out and the heat in. 

It also provides higher-level security, with two panes of glass being stronger and harder to shatter. Double glazing means that your home can be energy efficient, it means that you can heat your home up quicker, with less energy as there won’t be any warmth escaping through the windows! 

As superb as double-glazed windows might sound, even they have their drawbacks. Double glazing is more expensive than single glazing, although a lot of people would say that they are worth the investment. Repairs are not straightforward on double glazing either, so if you do find yourself in need of a window repair for whatever reason, it may be more difficult to find someone to fix this for you or you may incur a heftier bill. 

Triple glazing 

This type of glazing is the most modern, and it could be said, the most efficient of all the glazing types we’ve discussed previously. Triple glazing features three panes of glass, both spaced with a vacuum or gas, just like double glazing. Triple glazing has many benefits and a few drawbacks. It is said that because of triple glazing’s third pane, is more efficient at keeping the heat in your home than double glazing. 

It is also stronger, as three panes of glass would be extremely difficult to break. Reduction of noise pollution is also an advantage with triple glazing, just like double glazing, it keeps you from hearing any annoying outside noise. 

Triple glazing has really divided opinions when it comes to whether it is worth installing it in your home. Some say that if you have double glazing, you shouldn’t bother with triple. It does tend to be more expensive than single and double glazing – the more glass, the higher the price! Another argument against installing triple-glazed windows is that unless you live in cold climates like Sweden, Norway, or Canada, you may not feel any more of a benefit than you would do with double glazing. 

Humna Chaudhary
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