What Are the Benefits of a Copper Range Hood?

Kitchen range hoods keep the kitchen free of excessive heat, smoke, grease, and other impurities. A kitchen hood sucks out the bad air and disposes of it efficiently. Sadly, many modern houses don’t come fitted with kitchen hoods. 

A copper range hood is functional and decorative when added to the kitchen. You can use it to enhance the design of your kitchen. Copper is an excellent metal, and here are the benefits of using it when building a hood. 

It is More Cost-effective 

Copper is an affordable metal, and you won’t break your bank account when installing a new range hood. There are other materials cheaper than copper, but they don’t have the attributes of copper, such as heat conduction. Installing a copper hood in your home will be cost-effective in the long run as it doesn’t require much maintenance. 

It is more Long-Lasting. 

Copper hoods can last for decades without breaking or denting. Copper can also survive natural calamities like floods and fires with a few dents. It takes a lot to damage a copper kitchen hood, and you will likely always have it as long as the home stands. 

Any scratches on the hood will fade over time to match the rest of the hood because copper is self-healing. You don’t need to call an expert to fix scratches because the material will correct the blemishes. 

Easy to Clean 

Homeowners love kitchen appliances that are easy to keep clean at all times. Copper kitchen hoods are simple to clean, and they are anti-bacterial. The hoods don’t have any nooks and crannies that bacteria can hide inside and breed. It would be best to have a clean damp cloth to wipe the hood and remove any dirt. It would help to dry the hood after using a wet cloth to prevent damage.

It’s Naturally Beautiful

The natural shining color of copper makes it an excellent raw material for a hood. It compliments different materials like wood, steel, and tiles. Copper’s color is rich and neutral, making it ideal for any kitchen theme. Moreover, most homeowners are happy to watch their hood age and change color. 

You can ask a coppersmith to apply a protective layer if you don’t want the metal to change color as it oxidizes over time. A protective coat will keep the hood looking the same as the first day as time goes by. 

Simple to Design

Copper is a malleable metal, and it makes it easy to add decorative features to copper hoods to add to their appeal. A beautiful range hood design can add to the appeal of a kitchen and increase the value of a home. Homeowners can opt for traditional designs inspired by old architectural or decorative practices. 

Get a Copper Hood for Your Kitchen Today

You need a highly talented coppersmith to work on complex decorative designs with a custom-made kitchen copper range hood. Overall, copper kitchen hoods don’t have to be as plain and simple as their steel counterparts. Check out some copper hoods online to get an idea of the designs and sizes available to homeowners.

Humna Chaudhary
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