How Smoke Detectors Save Lives In Emergencies

Smoke detectors are homeowners’ first line of defense against house fires. These vital fire-protection devices automatically detect the presence of smoke and sound alarm to alert family members. Did you know that most fatal fires occur at night while we are sleeping? Without smoke detectors, it would be more common for people to sleep through a house fire or wake up trapped with no escape route. A smoke alarm ensures you wake up as soon as the smoke hits the chamber and the alarm sounds. And these devices are just as useful during the day. After all, we can only monitor some rooms in our house simultaneously!

Every year many people in Canada die from fires that smoke detectors could have prevented. When equipping your home with these devices, There are Three important Steps to Follow.

Three Important Smoke Detector Tips

  1. Choose The Best Alarm For Your Home
  2. Install Alarms In The Right Places
  3. Maintain Your Alarm System

Choose The Best Alarm For Your Home

There are two kinds of smoke detectors you can choose from. And it’s best to use a mix of both for full protection. The first is an ionization smoke alarm which quickly warns about flaming fires. These alarms use radioactive substances that ionize the air between electrically charged plates. It creates a current to flow between the plates. When smoke enters the system, it changes the current flow, activating the alarm. The second type is a photoelectric alarm, which quickly warns about a smoldering fire. These alarms operate using a light head aimed away from a sensor in the chamber. When steam enters the room, it reflects light onto the sensor and activates the alarm.

Install Alarms In The Right Places


Smoke detectors

Since smoke rises, You should install detectors on the ceiling. If you have no choice but to install it on the wall, ensure the device is no more than 12 inches away from the ceiling. You should avoid installing alarms near bathrooms, heating appliances, windows, and ceiling fans to prevent operation failure. Instead, alarms should be installed in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every house level. It includes basements.

Maintain Your Alarm System

Alarm maintenance is equally important as purchasing and installing. To keep your detector functioning optimally, replace the batteries regularly. A great rule of thumb is to replace the batteries when you change your clocks in the spring and fall. If you hear warning chirp sounds, your alarm’s battery is low. It would be best if you immediately replaced the batteries. Smoke detectors themselves will also wear out. An easy way to promote longevity is purchasing a 10-year battery smoke alarm! Remember to clean your alarms regularly. Dust and dirt can clog an alarm, preventing it from working. Using a soft brush, you should also gently vacuum your alarms every six months. You must only vacuum an electronically connected alarm after shutting off the power. Once you finish the cleaning process, always test the alarm. Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms are crucial in reducing fire deaths and injuries. If a fire does occur, smoke will spread fast. Smoke detectors are essential for giving homeowners time to escape safely. Contact AJ’s Electrical if you need help with how or where to install your home’s new smoke detectors. Our team of experts will save you the stress of a tricky electrical installation, and put your safety above all else! 


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