Popular interior design trends of 2021

Every year we see new trends entering homes across the country, and 2021 has bought with it some stunning additions. If you’re looking to redecorate or you’re simply interested in what’s in right now, We Buy Any House have outlined their favourite trends and how to achieve them.

  1. Minimalism 
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Minimalism is a very popular trend that is popping up all over the country, perfect for those who want their homes to be more simplistic while still incredibly stylish. It focuses on space rather than the items in the room, and can make homes look much more spacious and clean.

If you want to achieve a minimalist vibe, you need to limit the amount of stuff you have and make sure that the pieces you keep really speak for themselves. Only have three things on any surface, and don’t go overboard with colour – minimalism works best on a neutral base like white or cream, with small complimentary pops of colour throughout to tie it all together. 

  1. Monochrome

Black and white is a classic combo and one that will always look beautiful as a pair, but we’re seeing them combine in rooms that we haven’t previously – most commonly this year, in the bathroom. From marbled tiles to black accessories with white suites, this shift in tone is resulting in some stunning bathroom designs.

Introducing black into the bathroom can feel incredibly daunting, but when done correctly it has a gorgeous effect, making the white even brighter and defining the bathroom with real edge. You can choose how much or how little black you want – some people are going all out and painting the walls black, whereas others are choosing to use black as an accent colour, using small amounts to create a beautiful design. 

  1. Mood lighting

Mood lighting has become popular in almost every room in the house, especially in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Using strip LED lights is the best way to achieve this, as they are easy to put up in any area of a room and can be controlled via an app allowing you to pick the colour, letting you personalise them to your style and taste.

These lights are a staple in houses as they are much softer than standard bulbs, giving off a warmer glow. Being able to change the colour is also very appealing as it means you can change it as you want to, making it very easy to switch things up if you fancy a change of colour – much easier than repainting walls if you struggle to commit to one tone.

  1. Statement colours
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Rooms with statement colours are always eye-catching. You can pick either one or two colours to compliment each other, and by adding pieces into your room in these shades you can create a stunning effect that’s personalised to you.

When choosing to move forward with a statement colour style, pick a neutral base and then add your statement choice on top in the form of accessories. Think cushions, rugs, ornaments – you can layer these up to achieve the effect that you want. Some of our favourite colour pairings are –

  • Sage green and blush pink
  • Navy blue and mustard yellow
  • Maroon and peach
  • Coral and baby blue
  1. Cottagecore

Since the pandemic hit last year, cottagecore has become a hugely desirable style for the home as it offers peace and tranquillity, something that a lot of us have been looking for in such a strange time. 

This style is all about going back to basics and embracing nature, with fun twists of modern touches. Exposed wood, floral patterns, and leafy plants all combine to give a stunning cottagecore vibe, which will look incredible in any home. 

  1. Japandi
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This is a stunning blend of Japanese design and Scandinavian style, focusing on smooth, sleek lines in the house with lots of neutral tones and open space. This trend works in every room in the house, but it stands out in bathrooms especially. 

Wooden furniture and stone patterns is a great base for this design, and pairs beautifully with white tiling. Adding in green plants also pulls together, creating a calming room that will ooze this trend. 

These are just some of our favourite trends, but there are new styles emerging all the time, as well as being able to add your own touches to them – meaning there are plenty of perfect choices for every home!

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