Pipin’ Hot: 6 Ways to Make Exposed Pipes Look Stylish

Have you found the perfect place to call home? Maybe you were drawn to the natural light that floods the living room each morning. Or perhaps, the spacious bedrooms are an upgrade from your last place.

But what’s that? That’s right. Those exposed pipes, the ultimate eyesore.

You need exposed pipes interior design tips. This feature doesn’t have to make your space feel sterile or overly modern. In fact, in certain spaces, pipes help to make a room feel open, airy, and lofty.

But, if that’s not the vibe you want in your home, there is still hope. From painting pipes to getting crafty with basic art supplies, you can hide exposed pipes and effortlessly create the space of your dreams. Read on to learn the top tips and tricks you need to know. 

1. Paint Exposed Pipes 

Have you considered painting exposed pipes? This trick may not be for everyone. For example, if you live in a rental unit check with your landlord or building manager before grabbing the paint buckets.

But, if you have free reign to paint as you please, go bold! Consider a cheery color like yellow, earthy green, or sky blue.   

2. Use Decorative Pipe Covers 

If your goal is to completely hide exposed pipes, you’ll need a cover. These covers work by using natural or synthetic material to surround the exposed pipe. Check out this company to buy the perfect pipe cover. 

3. Build Room Dividers or Book Shelves 

How to hide exposed pipes? A floor-to-ceiling room divider or tall bookshelf can help conceal pipes or ductwork.

For example, fabric room dividers or screens hang from the ceiling. While wood or metal bookshelves can be angled to fit and hide exposed pipes. 

4. Get Crafty

How to cover exposed pipes on a budget? Take a crafty approach. For example, colorful tape, rope, or fabric are inexpensive ideas. 

You can wrap these materials around exposed pipes to add color and improve the design aesthetic. For example, natural rope would work in a farmhouse kitchen or bathroom. While colorful or pattern tape fits in a children’s room. 

5. Use Natural Elements 

If you’re wondering how to decorate exposed pipes, you need to use the right material. Unlike covering exposed pipes, decorating takes the style and creative approach up a notch. Try using natural elements like plants or vines to wrap around exposed pipes.  

6. Embrace the Urban Appeal 

If you have exposed pipes that are hard to decorate or conceal, what can you do? Embrace the urban design! Try creating a modern loft space you might find in downtown New York City.

Add modern furniture and finishes like leather seating, stainless steel accents, and glass tabletops. These modern and urban designs pair well with exposed pipes. 

These Tips Can Help Exposed Pipes Fit Effortlessly Into Your Design Scheme

Exposed pipes do not have to be a design flaw or problem. With these creative ideas and tips, you can cover, decorate, or embrace the pipes and make them work for your home. Consider quality pipe covers or get crafty with fun materials like tape or rope.

Paint or natural elements like plants can help to conceal unsightly pipes. But in the case of hard-to-hide ductwork, embrace the fixtures and go with a totally modern approach. If you found this information interesting, check out our other home stories.  

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