Keeping up an active lifestyle over 70

Keeping up an active lifestyle when you are over the age of 70 can be difficult. You might feel that the world has no surprises left for you, and no secrets that you would be interested in revealing; however, this is something of a defeatist attitude, and will do you no good at all. Reaching seventy is a milestone that many still don’t get to reach. So, you should savor every moment, and here is how you can keep an active lifestyle, and consequently stay happy when you are over 70.

Make sure you stay social

Making sure that you stay social is something really important for your mental wellbeing. You need to make sure that you are still attending clubs as often as you can, even if it is just to the local bingo or to a centre of religion to make sure that you keep on talking to people.  As you get older, it can be very easy to go inward and not want to, or not have the energy to, go out so much, which is why maintaining friendships and keeping in contact with people is so important. It can help you to learn and experience new things. It can also help you to get out of depressed moods and finding new friends and company can help if you feel like you’re young again – if that is a feeling that you enjoy. And with the demand of staying social, you should see to it that you keep your physical appearance good, too! For example, you can search “cosmetic dentist syracuse ny” on the internet to see how you could keep your pearly whites healthy-looking

The trick to staying mobile 

As you get older staying mobile can be tricky. Not only are simple tasks far more difficult and potentially dangerous, but they might also have become far less enjoyable to do. This is a real shame, and not something that you have to deal with at all. So, you need to find the trick to staying mobile. The problem is, once you stop, you generally find it really hard to get going again, so what you need is to find a way to keep the momentum going on the days that you need to rest too.  This is why you might want to look into the mobility scooters and the wheelchairs available on Aspire2 or similar websites, to help you find the best way to get around when your mind and body don’t quite agree on how far you should be traveling that day. 

Make sure that you keep on doing the things that you love

Making sure that you keep on doing the things that you love, such as your hobbies, become more and more important as you get older. It is one of the key ways to stay active. You are much more likely to stay active and happy if you are doing something that you enjoy, whether this is going out for a walk around your favorite bit of town or doing the gardening for yourself and possibly your neighbor too.  Staying active is imperative to your health and making sure that you are keeping up your hobbies and your crafts is imperative for you to remain happy, and for your mental wellbeing to remain healthy.

Aside from staying active, being truly healthy requires paying close attention to what you eat. Your body can only benefit so much from exercise. Your diet will ultimately determine how your body looks and feels. According to studies, only 25% of weight loss is caused by exercise, and 75% of weight loss is caused by diet. The body can be nourished with the nutrients it lacks by taking multivitamins and supplements if you’re having trouble meeting your nutritional needs.

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