Is an electric boiler a good idea?

These days most people are getting electric boilers. This will make someone start wondering if electric boilers are the new gold in town. Its popularity skyrocketed when people started comparing it with gas boilers. A gas boiler uses natural gas to generate heat for central heating and domestic hot water while an electric boiler uses electricity to generate heat. With all the bustling of electric boilers, does it worth it? In this 3-5 minutes article, you will know more about electric boilers and at the end, you will have decided what to do.

Disclaimer: An electric boiler isn’t the same as an electric water boiler. Electric water boilers are appliances that are used to boil water for domestic uses while electric boilers are used to heat homes. They both use electricity but aren’t the same.

The electric boiler doesn’t make noise

People that use electric boilers in their various homes claim that they are enjoying the device thanks to its quiet working mechanism. It doesn’t affect them or their neighbours while running. Electric boilers ( ) unlike some other boilers don’t require some elements to whirl around to generate heat. Once you install it, it uses electricity to heat your house.

They don’t use gas

“Electric” boilers use electricity which everyone has access to. Reports showed that over 2 million people in the United Kingdom don’t have access to a mains gas supply. When such is happening, how then do people want to heat their homes? That’s where electric boilers come in. Everybody has electricity running in their homes so they have the number one requirement to run an electric boiler. If you don’t have access to a gas supply, you can use electric boilers. If you have off-grid properties, you can install electric boilers.

Saves space

Electric boilers have few moving parts which make them portable for use. They are also small and possess a compact system that makes it easy for you to install them in tight spaces. Gas boilers are larger than electric boilers. Electric boilers don’t require a chimney because they don’t use combustible fuel, unlike gas boilers. Unlike gas boilers or biomes boilers, electric boilers don’t need to be installed outside your home as there is no need for gas pipes or flue.

Zero risk of Carbon monoxide or combustible gas leak

Carbon monoxide (CO) is bad for health. Carbon monoxide is the gas produced during combustion. This is quite common with gas boilers but they are usually installed in a way that doesn’t affect you. Accidents do happen that will cause the leak of this gas. If carbon monoxide enters the human bloodstream, it reduces the production of oxygen which is bad. Combustible gas can also leak if pipes are rusty or damaged and this can lead to an explosion. The best safety measure and solution is the installation of electric boilers. It doesn’t use gas and doesn’t involve any combustion reaction.

Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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