How to Revamp Your Living Room without Breaking the Bank

If your living room is looking a little tired or you fancy a change you don’t need to spend a fortune. Use these simple and cost-effective tips to revamp your living room without breaking the bank. 

Freshen Up the Walls

Walls can be one of the most noticeable things about a room, but they can look tired quickly. After a couple of years with the same paint on the walls the marks can really start to show, especially if you have kids or pets around. Freshening up the walls does not have to cost you the earth as it is an easy task to do yourself and all it needs to cost you is a few tins of paint and a free weekend. You can totally transform your living room by using a different coloured paint. You can go from muted to vibrant or create a feature wall using vibrant paint or Damask style wallpaper. This will give your space a new focal point and transform it in no time. 

Paint Units

Why stop at the walls? If you have your paintbrush out already you could use some furniture paint to give your wooden furniture or mantlepiece a new look too. This will help to hide any signs of wear or defects such as chips or scratches and bring old furniture back to life. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

An easy way to revamp your living room without spending any money is to rearrange the furniture. This works especially well if you are bored with the way your room looks. A bit of heavy lifting can work wonders to transform it. Newly placed furniture can make a room look bigger or cosier. It can even help you to create a natural divide to a multi-purpose room such as a lounge/diner. 

Soft Furnishings

You can be amazed by how much difference a few soft furnishings can make to your room and they are inexpensive to buy. They can change the focal point of your room, breathe new life into your space and hide any defects. For example, a vibrant rug can hide any marks or stains on the carpet, some funky cushions will transform the appearance of your sofa and muted tones can make your space look bigger and airier. 

If you enjoy crafting then you could save yourself the cost of buying soft furnishings and make them yourself instead. This will give you an interesting project and a fantastic sense of satisfaction for a job well done. It will make all the compliments you receive on your new-look living room feel all the more special too. 


You don’t have to have new glazing installed to change the appearance of your windows. New blinds or curtains can provide that for a fraction of the price. Neutral blinds can help to make your room look bigger and create cleaner lines. Heavy curtains will make your room look cosier and could make it feel warmer too. New curtains or blinds are a great idea if you want to change the colour scheme of your space as you can choose window dressings in matching colours. 


A strategically placed mirror or two will make your room look bigger as the reflection will create an illusion of space. Identical mirrors placed on a single wall will make your space look wider and a large mirror at one end of the room will increase the length. You can use mirrors to make a statement or create a focal point. For this, you will need an ornate frame or interestingly shaped mirror and place it in the most visible part of your room. 

A mirror will help you to maximise you’re lighting in a dimly lit room because the reflection will bounce the light around your space. Hang a mirror on the opposite wall to your window to create more natural light. 


Changing the ambiance of your room can make a huge difference to how you see the space. Table lamps will create a cosiness that will make your room feel warm and snug, especially in the winter months. A standing lamp will create more light without being overbearing. It can also be helpful to use lamps if you like to read or craft in your living room as it will give you the task lighting you need to enjoy your hobbies without straining your eyes. 

Use these simple, cost-effective tips to revamp your living room without spending a fortune.